Intimate Tennessee Wedding – Madison and Dawson

Madison and Dawson – July 27, 2020

Intimate Tennessee Wedding

Madison and Dawson brought their families to us for an intimate Tennessee wedding on July 27th all the way from Florida for what she calls her Eco-Boujee wedding. There was a slight rain shower before the ceremony, but it just made everything look extra green and pretty. Madison’s dad stood up with her as an honorary bridesmaid and did a fantastic job. Madison incorporated some family heirlooms into her wedding like her jewelry, the mini horseshoe, and their cake topper. Congratulations Madison and Dawson!!

From the Bride:

My brother and Dawson were deployed together and one day he told me about this person he met that he thought would be perfect for me. I didn’t think too much of it but a week later I was on the phone with my brother and he said hold on I have someone you need to talk to; next thing I know Dawson is in front of me for the first time and everything just clicked beautifully. When we met it felt like our souls just already knew each other and we were meant to be. The odds of us meeting while halfway around the world were by chance but once we did it was always going to be us.

Well when we met everything was long distance but we spent so much time together! Then he took a flight to Florida to spend time with me; our first real life date was a short road trip and then chipotle for dinner. We spent the next two weeks together just getting to know each other in person and celebrating the holidays.

We chose Tennessee because I love the mountains and the feeling you get when you’re surrounded by trees and nature. It’s a truly beautiful place to exist and absorb nature and love. This area just has a special meaning to both me and Dawson it just felt right.

I most looked forward to that moment when my dad walks me down the aisle and I see Dawson for the first time standing up there waiting tor me, that moment is what I’m most excited for.

We both love going to the beach, hiking, travel/exploring new areas, as well as gardening. We have a passion to learn and try new things together; like our next adventure will be to both get our diving license so we can explore our world a little bit more.

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Dress: Cocomelody
Cake: Publix Publix Super Market at Valley Forge Shopping Center
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Favors: Bride DIY with pieces from Millstone Crafted and Custom Love Gifts, Events & Prints
Officiant: Pastor Terry
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

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