Wedding Insurance — Should I buy it?

Have you ever heard of wedding insurance or event insurance?

Most people outside the wedding industry probably have not. You may be wondering what it is or just think it’s something that covers things if someone gets drunk and does something crazy. It’s so much more than that.

What is Wedding Insurance? has the best explanation I’ve seen, “Basically, wedding insurance protects a couple’s investment from circumstances beyond their control and reimburses expenses incurred.”

What does this mean? It means that if something happens that is out of your control, you will be reimbursed for all (or almost all) of the expenses of the wedding. If one of you gets deployed, mom has a heart attack, someone spills red wine on the dress the day before, or your venue is flooded, your insurance policy should give you your money back minus your deductible. If something happens to make you have to postpone your event, it could cover the cost of the entire event.

Wedding Insurance Will Have Your Back

The cost of event insurance is minimal compared what you could save if something goes wrong so we highly recommend you purchase it — it never hurts to be safe. No one wants to be a naysayer, and most of the time nothing happens. However, here are a few things that have happened in the Great Smoky Mountains in the last few years….

  1. Fires. A good chunk of the Smoky Mountains in the Gatlinburg area burned several years ago. This took out some of the wedding venues, but along with that, many of the cabins in the area were no longer there for the out of town brides that were coming here to get married during the busy season. It became very difficult for them to find alternative arrangements, and this is a time wedding insurance would come in handy.
  2. Floods. A local venue had a serious flooding issue last year. Thankfully, many other venues stepped in to help them out to help get their couples an alternative location, but having insurance would give you more options.
  3. Snow. With some of our venues and cabins being literally on the side of a mountain, it can be dangerous to drive the roads to them if it has been snowing. Some of the roads get shut down in bad weather. Although it has been several years since we’ve had a really bad snow, the residents of the area remember the “blizzard” of ’93, and it’s always a possibility for a winter wedding. Wedding insurance could help you postpone without having to lose out on what you’ve paid in.

To find out more about wedding insurance, read the full article by the Knot.

Wedding Insurance Companies to Check Into

You can check with some of your local insurance companies to see if they offer event insurance or check out some of the online companies that specialize in it like Wedsure, Wedsafe, and The Event Helper.

Wedding Insurance Rainy wedding Smoky Mountain Elopement

Chapel in the Hollow receives nothing should you choose to purchase wedding insurance–we just want you to be covered.

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