Chapel Accessories

——– MINI PEWS ——-

Your chapel rental comes with four mini pews. You are welcome to bring hanging accessories for them as long as it leaves no damage.

——– MINI TABLE ——-

This adorable table (gifted to us by Sarah, a former bride) is set up in the chapel with a mirror, but it is available for use as a cake or favor table.


We have two beautiful vintage burgundy chairs situated in the chapel that we are happy to bring out for portraits on non-rainy days.


We currently have four faux floral options that you can choose to use, or you are welcome to bring your own florals!

Option 1. Dusty blue, cream, and yellow

Option 2. White and cream.

Option 3. Blush and marsala.

Option 4. Pink and Orange – This is currently the only option with a bouquet that you are welcome to borrow for the ceremony.


This wall has been used as a reception location, a selfie station, a backdrop for a cake table, and as a photo op. We can leave the gold hoops and florals or you are welcome to bring your own decor.


We currently have four fabric options that you can choose from.

Option 1. Navy. (Paired with blush and marsala florals.)

navy fabric on east tennessee wedding chapel

Option 2. Burgundy. (Paired with navy fabric, and live florals.)

navy and burgundy fabric on gatlinburg wedding chapels

Option 3. Blush. (Paired with blue and yellow florals.)

Option 4. White. (Paired with white florals and pumpkins-brought by bride.)

white fabric and white florals on smoky mountain wedding chapels

Option 4. Eggplant. (Paired with pink and orange florals.)