Ceremony Options and Photo Ops

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——– CHAPEL ——–

The chapel is a lovely backdrop for any intimate ceremony, and the area will hold up to 35 guests. Ceremonies are held OUTDOORS only although there is now a bridal suite that the bride can use to change clothing. (We have multiple faux floral options and fabric options that you can see on the chapel accessories page.) There are 12 mini pews that can seat 24-35 depending on the size of the guests.


October Micro Wedding


——– FOREST PATH 1 ——–
(Florals not included.)

This sweet spot is located behind the chapel and is perfect for 6 or less people.



This option is great for twenty or less people. The optimal time of day for a ceremony at this location is in the 2 hours before sunset. The floral hoops have been replaced with a succulent patch.


This ceremony option would fit approximately 20 guests. The optimal time for a ceremony in this location would be early morning (before noon) or late afternoon (within a couple of hours before sunset).


——– CHAPEL ——–

The chapel is at the heart of the property and is usually where we start our photography journey for your couple portraits following the ceremony.

——– WALL ——–

The wall is just a couple minutes walk from the chapel on the way back to the parking area. It is currently being revamped with succulents replacing the gold hoops.

Bridal Portraits in front of wall at outdoor wedding in gatlinburg

——– LOG ——–

This log area is right next to the chapel. The lighting here varies depending on the time of day. We’ve had couples use this as a spot for a cake table as well. When it’s been raining, it can get a little squishy here.

——– CREEK ——–

The creek is at the entrance to our property. These two shots were taken in the evening, but this spot can be used in the morning as well.

——– ROAD ——–

This portion of the road is just a couple minutes walk from our entrance. We can get great photos here any time of day in all seasons and even in the rain!

——– VINES ——–

This viny area is located right behind the chapel. It gets beautiful light anytime of day.

——– MOSSY TREE ——–

The mossy tree is located directly behind the chapel. This is often where couples do their first looks, and we often use this spot because it gets amazing light at any time of day.


The Scottish Highlands area is one of my favorites to use. We can go around it 360 degrees so we can get great photos here anytime of day. The first image is shot from the back, and the second two are shot from the front.


This gorgeous location is just a few minutes drive from the chapel. The chapel has an agreement with the owner of the location that allows us to use it briefly for photos of our couples. (This spot is for couple photos only not for ceremonies or photos with guests.) We will drive you there and back. To take advantage of this location, we need to allocate 3o minutes round trip to get there, take photos, and get back. If it’s just the two of you for an elopement, it is possible to use this location in an hour booking. If you have any guests or want to make sure to have plenty of time for photos on property as well, we recommend at least 1.5 hours. The best time of day for photos here are first thing in the morning until around 11am and within an hour before sunset.

Rainy day weddings in the Smokey Mountains at a Smokey Mountain elopement.

——– TRACTOR ——–

The tractor is great for a fun country look, and we can get great photos here any time of day.

micro weddings in the smoky mountainscasual country wedding

——– SIGN ——–


Valentine's Day Wedding

——– TRUCK ——–

The truck is a 1940s-ish Willis with lots of character that will be dressed for the season and is great for photos any time of day.

wedding photos antique truck

——– ARCHWAY ——–

The archway can be shot from either direction depending on the time of day and the lighting. From one direction, you have a glimpse of the chapel in the background. From the other, there’s a dirt road.




Our succulent floral hoop is a great backdrop for the two of you. It has particularly nice lighting roughly 2.5 hours before sunset.


This mountain view is just for the two of you, and we recommend booking an additional half hour for this spot to give us time to get you there, take pictures, and get back. (Unless you’re doing a couple only elopement–this can take the place of family photo time and fit within an hour.) (This spot is for couple photos only and cannot be used for ceremonies.)

tennessee weddings in february


The fairy garden gets great light for the majority of the day. It’s a lush backdrop from mid-April until the first hard freeze.

morning elopement

——– Mossy Rock Garden ——–

The mossy rock garden is located near the gate. It has nice lighting in early morning, late evening, or on cloudy days. It is a gorgeous spot for an intimate couple photo.

——– The Cliff ——–

The cliff has great lighting any time of day. This is good for a far away shot that makes you look lost in the wilderness.

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