1. Leave no trace. Leave the grounds and chapel as you found them… do not use anything to hang decor that will damage the property (nails, tape, etc.), and please clean up after yourself.
  2. Be considerate. Please be on time, be prepared, and allow the next couple to enjoy themselves as much as you will.
  3. Keep it legal. This should go without saying but… Illegal substances are not allowed on property.
  4. Have fun. We want you to have the best wedding day possible so let us know if there is anything we can do to help make it perfect. 
  5. Follow local rules and guidelines regarding Covid. We know it sucks, but we want to keep everyone safe. 
  6. No hanging on vines. Please don’t try to climb, cut, or pull any of the vines or trees on property.
  7. Smoking in designated smoking areas only. We don’t want to risk forest fires or have to see cigarette butts lying on the grounds so please ask your guests to use our ash trays for ashing and to dispose of their butts. 
  8. No alcohol on property unless distributed by a licensed bartender. This is a state law, and we will ask guests to leave if they are repeatedly asked to put the alcohol away.


Please thoroughly read your contract for a full list of responsibilities regarding your time at Chapel in the Hollow. 865-696-5348