Below is our tentative calendar to give you an idea of the dates/times still available for booking. We try to keep this updated daily, but it is possible that contracts have been sent out for certain dates that are in the process of being returned so this may not 100% reflect the schedule. If you have questions about a particular date, contact us for more info!

We offer up to three weddings per day (depending on the size of the weddings). For Mon-Thurs in October and all Fri-Sun, we offer weddings from 10am until dusk. Starting September 1, 2023 Mon-Thurs (except October) will be available from 10-4 only. For days that have a dark blue bubble, that means that the full day is unavailable.

Dates that the venue is available but other services are not. These dates may look booked on the calendar (to keep us from booking the full package) so feel free to reach out if you are interested in a wedding on one of the dates below.

September 11-15 photography and officiating are not available
December 10-14 photography and officiating are not available
January 21-29 photography and officiating are not available

You can still book weddings those days with a coordinator and/or videographer then bring your own photographer and officiant. We would just need a certificate of insurance from your photographer.

OCTOBER 2023The only dates still available in October 2023 are 9th, 10th, 23rd, and 25th. These are available for venue only. We are happy to make recommendations for an officiant and/or photographer.

If you are having trouble seeing the embedded calendar below, here is a direct link: 865-696-5348