Glam Rustic Wedding Chapel – Kirsten and Jared

Kirsten and Jared February 23, 2020

Glam Rustic Wedding Chapel

We are pretty partial to our little place, but we love how Kirsten turned it into a glam rustic wedding chapel!! Our final wedding of the weekend was an amazing couple from Louisiana — Kirsten (pronounced Curse-teen) and Jared. They were so much fun!! There were a lot of big personalities at this wedding… which is always so much fun! This dress—ooooh la la—it is amazing, and this girl has the curves to pull it off!! I thought it looked fantastic in person, but then I was blown away when I went back through the pictures and started editing. The lighting on their wedding day was incredible so we were able to get those soft, moody photos I love so much, and all the details these two picked out were show-stoppers. Shout out to her friend (and unofficial coordinator), Erica, who took charge of everyone to make everything run smoothly.  Congratulations Kirsten and Jared!!

From the Bride:

For our first date, we had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant in Rayne, LA. The date went well, the conversation was good & it flowed easily. We knew then, we definitely wanted a second date.

We purchased land on February 28, 2019. On March 1, 2019, we went to our land to toast & there is when he proposed.

We had a wedding planned home in Louisiana. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we needed a Plan B so we then looked into Tennessee. We ended up not needing a Plan B, but had already fallen in love with it so we cancelled Plan A and booked Plan B.

Chapel in the Hollow was the main reason we fell in love with our Plan B. 

For fun, we enjoy attending concers and sporting events, and watching our favorites. 

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Dress: Allure Beauty from Deshotel’s Dress Shop
Menswear: JFW from Deshotel’s Dress Shop
Shoes: Bamboo from Telly’s
Rings: Kay Jewelers
Officiant: Krissy Parker
Hair and Makeup: Bride and her godchild, Malori Person
Cord of Three Strands: AMF Designs
Florist: Shawn Darbonne and Damian Cuccio and Company
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Photography and Videography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

Are you a big fan of the rustic look but want it elevated?? We love the look of a glam rustic wedding chapel, and we think you will, too!! Take a look at the accessories we have for you to work with, and imagine what you can bring to dress it up even more!!

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East Tennessee Wedding Chapels – Amanda and Jeremy

Amanda and Jeremy February 22, 2020

East Tennessee Wedding Chapels

There are tons of East Tennessee Wedding Chapels, but I think we get the best couples!! Wedding number 2 on February 22nd was our third of the weekend.  By Amanda and Jeremy’s wedding it had warmed up, and the birds were chirping all over the place. They brought in some extra seating for their guests and created an adorable sign-in location. Jeremy wore some camo boots with his suit which matched the print on his ring. These two have been together for over nine years! Their little boy did an excellent job as ring-bearer. I think you’re going to swoon over Amanda’s amazing dress and makeup—so lovely!! Congratulations Amanda and Jeremy!

From the Bride: 

We met through my sister when we were very young. I was 17 and he was 19, and we just knew we were meant to be. We are here 9 years later to make it official. We have been through many trials and tribulations and surpassed them all. To love each other was easy. It’s all the other stuff that comes in life that you have to work through. We were kids so our first date consisted of a bonfire with friends in the middle of the woods on a cold January night.

Jeremy proposed just after I graduated high school, we knew we wanted to spend forever together. We were laying in bed after work when he came up with the idea. No rings needed. It was a magical intimate moment. We chose Tennessee because I love the mountains. My dad took me to East TN (Maggie valley specifically) every winter. My dad passed away in 2013 so he will not be present in my wedding but I know he will be there in spirit. We chose the date because I love the number 2. 🙂

I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with the man who takes care of and provides for me and our son. He will give the shirt off his back to anyone in need and inspires me daily to be a better person. He supports every dream I have and is always the rock I lean on.

We both work 40 hrs a week and I go to school 12-30 additional hours a week after work. Our most common interest is raising our 5 year old, he is our pride and joy. Jeremy like to work on things and build things – “if it’s broke he will fix it”. I love photography & home decor. He might say I shop 24/7 but we know that’s not true, because the stores close at night (wink, 😉). When we have time off from every day life, I love to plan little trips for our family to give our son the joy of experiences. So far his favorite places are Disney, the Gatlinburg aquarium, and the beach!

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Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Menswear: Belk
Invitations: Simply to Impress
Rings: Hers- Blue Water Jewelers
Hair and Makeup: Summerlyn Beauty
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow


Have you been looking at tons of East Tennessee wedding chapels? Here are a few things that set us apart… we specialize in outdoor micro weddings and elopements. We have some lovely included decor options. Most importantly, we allow you to customize your package to suit your needs!! Contact us today to reserve your date!

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Dog Friendly Wedding Chapels – Meredith and Clint

Meredith and Clint February 22, 2020

Dog Friendly Wedding Chapels

I don’t know if dog friendly wedding chapels are difficult to find, but we love the doggos!! Wedding number 1 last Saturday was our second of the weekend. It was cold enough that morning to freeze the windex as I tried to clean the mirror in the chapel… brrrrrr. But it had gotten a little better before the end of Meredith and Clint’s sweet elopement. They brought her son and pup to join them on this special occasion. I don’t think we see enough short dresses out here at the chapel so I really enjoyed this one!! The pretty sun (that has been in hiding for weeks it seems) peeked out and brought some pretty sun flares into the pictures. Congratulations Meredith and Clint!! May you always have a sweet pup to warm your hearth.

From the Bride:

We were brought together by something that we are both passionate about… country music! We met on of all things a karaoke app. Neither of us were looking to date anyone but somehow Meredith found a song that Clint had sung and joined him on it. After exchanging “thanks” and “good jobs” it came to be known that out of anywhere the other could be in the world we were less than an hour apart. We struck up a friendship over country music, Tennessee Vols football, and a good cold beer lol. Don’t remember who’s idea it was to meet for the first time but by golly are we glad we did!

Our first date was Clint coming over to Meredith’s house enjoying a cold beer and just getting to know one another! Our first outing was a canoe trip down the Harpeth River.

Clint proposed in the most intimate way. On the Saturday before Mother’s Day 2019 he had been at his dads house (little did Meredith know they had gone ring shopping). That night funny enough they were going out to sing at a karaoke bar with some coworkers. While Meredith was getting ready Clint turned on some music in the living room… Meredith was loving his song choices! Some Luke Combs, Cody Johnson, and Riley Green who are some of Meredith’s favorites! When she was finishing up she comes out to the living room Clint had put on the song that they first slow danced to in the kitchen of the house she lived in when they first met in 2017. Now, 2 years later, they were in the house they bought together and he was on one knee with “Wonderful Tonight” by Kevin Moon playing on the speaker. He was nervous and visibly emotional, she was surprised and over the moon! Of course she said yes… she knew that he was the one a long time ago!

We chose Tennessee because we both love love it there. We’re both natives to middle Tennessee but have a deep love of Big Orange football. We wanted something as low key and intimate as the rest of our relationship has been. When we found the Chapel in the Hollow it was a done deal!

We are football lovers, we enjoy being on the river, we love spending time with our families, and now that we are homeowners we enjoy cooking out and just enjoying what we’ve worked hard for! A date night for us is a country concert downtown Nashville. As lovers of good country music we love going out for live shows!

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Dress: AbaoWedding on
Shoes: Target
Rings: His-McKenzie and Smiley Hers- ShaneCo.
Hair and Makeup: Bride
Florals: Homemade
Officiant: Krissy Parker
Photography and Videography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

Dog friendly wedding chapels may be difficult to find, but we are here for you if you want to celebrate your big day with your favorite doggo. If you’re ready to start planning your wedding, check our calendar for availability. You can also find information on our website like pricing, photo ops, and fun places to check out in town. Contact us if you have any questions!

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Dog Friendly Elopement – Hannah and Kane

Hannah and Kane February 21, 2020

Dog Friendly Elopement

We love the puppers!! A dog friendly elopement isn’t always a possibility, but we want to help you make it happen! We understand that these little guys are part of the family, so, of course, you want them to be included in your big day.

Wedding number 1 for this past weekend was Hannah and Kane. She had a cute jean jacket with some wordage to help combat the chill. Her gorgeous look was created by Organic Infusion Hair & Nail Salon, and she was radiant!! He personified casual chic which perfectly complemented her. They brought the bouquet with them from their hometown, and they set up a little unity candle ceremony. Hannah brought her teddy, the last thing her grandma gave her before she passed, to watch the ceremony as a stand-in for her grandma. They also brought their puppers!!! You know how crazy I am about the animals, lol. These two were adorable–and they were great about looking at the camera (unless their mama and daddy were kissing, lol). Congratulations Hannah and Kane!!

From the Bride:
We met on Tinder, LOL. We matched and had everything in common down to the smallest things so we started hanging out and we had a few falling outs before we really got it together. Once we figured it out, we were inseparable. We are doing amazing now and are very excited to continue our lives together.

Kane proposed. We had gone to a winter event with tours of old mansions by my college campus and we went on a horse and carriage ride and then he proposed inside of an iron gazebo before we left. It was really amazing and I was truly surprised.

We decided to elope because we wanted our wedding to be personal and intimate, as well as stress free. Tennessee is beautiful, it’s close, there’s lots to do afterwards for the weekend, and we could bring our dogs.

We are most looking forward to enjoying the day together and the fact that we can have our dogs there and get pictures of ourselves. We haven’t ever really had professional pictures taken of us so the whole day will just be really special and we are excited.

No real significance to the date. We wanted a Friday in February and it happened to work out. 2-21-2020 is pretty cool!

We like to go to concerts/festivals, we love doing things outside in the summer like camping and going swimming, and we both really just love our dogs and spending time with friends and family. Normally when we go out we pregame at home and go to a bar, maybe play pool, eat some food, and come home and relax.

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Shoes: Nike
Rings: Zales
Hair and Makeup: Organic Infusion Hair & Nail Salon
Dog sweaters:
Chapel Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Bouquet: Miller’s Flower Shop
Dress: Torrid
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

Are you ready to bring your puppers for a dog friendly elopement in the Smoky Mountains? Check our calendar for availability. You can find tons of other info on our website to help you with planning… pricing, where to get your marriage license, and tons more! Don’t forget to make sure the place you will be staying is also dog friendly, and check out some of our local dog parks to give your pup a place to have some fun. There are quite a few pup friendly restaurants in the area especially in Knoxville, but many of the hiking trails do not allow dogs so do your research!

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Smoky Mountain Engagement Photos – Chelsea and Sean

Chelsea and Sean February 21, 2020

Smoky Mountain Engagement Photos

Smoky Mountain engagement photos are a great way to celebrate your engagement!! Come for a get-away, and leave with memories to share! Not just for weddings… we welcome engagement and family photo sessions!! These are scheduled throughout the week or mornings on Friday-Sunday. If you’re having your wedding here, you can rent the venue for a one hour engagement shoot for free. If you’re not, we offer an engagement rate for both the venue and photography.

This past weekend was a long and wonderful weekend with 4 weddings and an engagement session!! Chelsea and Sean joined us Friday morning to celebrate their engagement. There was just a little bit of leftover snow to help flavor the landscape and provide a little extra-ness to their shoot. Chelsea is a master at shopping for great deals and found her dress on Facebook marketplace. I think you’re going to love all of these steamy photos!!

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Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

Are you ready to celebrate your engagement with Chapel in the Hollow?? Contact us for our engagement pricing. 🙂 Thinking about having a wedding here, too?? You can see our availability on our calendar. We have tons of info on the website to help make things easier for you to plan — especially you out of town couples (we know it can be a hassle trying to plan from a distance). Need to know where to get your marriage license? Want some recommendations for great wedding pros like hair and makeup, florists, bakers, etc.? Curious about what comes with your chapel rental? We’ve got all the answers. 😉 If it’s not on the website, drop us a line at and ask away!! We promise to respond within 48 hours (sometimes things get a little hectic on wedding days so please be patient with us).

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