Fall Weekend Wedding – Madison and Blaine

Fall Weekend Wedding

Madison and Blaine – September 10, 2023

Madison and Blaine beautified our chapel with their love for a picturesque fall weekend wedding. The chapel was transformed with the rustic charm of hunter green and white fabric, beautifully accented by our bohemian fall florals, creating an enchanting setting for their special day. Madison looked like a vision in her strapless dress, donning a cathedral-length veil that added an air of timeless elegance. Blaine was equally dashing in his tan suit, a perfect match for the season. Their attire was a testament to their style and the beauty of their day.
In a heartwarming moment, Madison shared a first look with her dad, who couldn’t help but express how beautiful she looked. It was a touching gesture that captured the love and connection between a father and his daughter. Their friends stood by their side, dressed in greens and tans, adding a harmonious touch to the celebration. But what made their ceremony truly unique was the role of their grandparents.
Madison’s grandfather had the honor of carrying the rings down the aisle as their “ring security,” a role that added a layer of familial love to their day. Blaine’s grandma, however, took on a playful role as their flower girl. Instead of tossing traditional petals, she showered the aisle with bags of dimes. This gesture held a deep and sentimental meaning for Madison. Ten years ago, her grandmother had passed away, and Madison believed that finding a dime was a sign that her grandmother was looking down on her from heaven. She had collected every dime she found, and it was these dimes that Blaine’s grandma used. It was a beautiful way to honor the memory of a loved one and feel their presence on this special day.
Madison and Blaine shared a connection that was sweet and genuine. Their fall weekend wedding was a reflection of their love, their families, and the beautiful moments that come from blending traditions and creating new ones.
From the Bride:
We both work for a large company and were sent an hour away to a struggling store to assist. Although we had worked together for almost a year, we did not formally meet until arriving at this other location. Once there, we immediately hit it off and it was love at first sight. Blaine purposefully forgot his hoodie at work one evening with the intention of me returning it. I found his social media and messaged him to let him know I grabbed it. This quick convo turned into us talking all night. We both told our friends we had met the one, and turns out we were right. For our first date, he invited me to Dave and Busters after work one evening and let me win every single game, though I didn’t know it at the time. I thought he was just terrible at skeeball. We shared a few drinks and a lot of laughs, he tried to leave with just a hug, but I stole a kiss. 
Blaine proposed to me at a family cookout on my moms front porch, I knew something was up because everyone kept insisting on us taking family pictures, which we’d never normally do. When I was a little girl I would hold fake weddings on the Cinderella staircase, so Blaine proposed to me where I had pretended to marry my little friends a hundred times before. It meant a lot to me to be surrounded by family and in a location where I had dreamed of finding my happily ever after. 
We decided on an East Tennessee wedding because my mom and sister were both married in the Smoky Mountains, and we love the beauty and the serenity of nature. We wanted to elope, but now we are able to still have a destination wedding with a few of our closest friends and family. We are looking forward to beginning the rest of our lives together as man and wife. 
For fun we enjoy exploring new places together, whether that be a new city, museums, or natural scenery. Our typical date nights consist of some delicious homemade food followed by a good documentary or two cuddled up on the couch with our furbabies Kahlo and Loki.
Fall Weekend WeddingOutdoor Wedding cakeFall Weekend WeddingGrandpa the ring bearer Grandma as the Flower girlFall Weekend WeddingBride during CeremonySpeechless Groom during first lookOutdoor CeremonyFall Weekend WeddingForest ceremonyFall Weekend WeddingFall Weekend WeddingFun Bridal PartyFun GroomsmenForest Bride PortraitFall Weekend WeddingOutdoor Bride and Groom PortraitMossy Tree with Wedding RingsFall Weekend WeddingFall Weekend WeddingWoodsy Bride and Groom PortraitWoodsy Bride PortraitFall Weekend WeddingFall Weekend WeddingForest Bride and Groom PortraitFall Weekend WeddingForest Bride PortraitFall Weekend WeddingWoodsy Bride and Groom PortraitFall Boutonniere
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
Chapel Florals and Bridal Bouquet: Chapel in the Hollow – Bohemian Fall Blooms
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Rings: ArtDeTriumph on Etsy and @Sesto Synergy
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Hair and Makeup: Beauty by Jamie
Jewelry: @BinkStudio on Etsy
Venue Associate: Elizabeth DeCoursey

September Intimate Wedding – April and Bernie

September Intimate Wedding

April and Bernie – September 10, 2023


September welcomed the warmth of love as April and Bernie graced Chapel in the Hollow with their intimate wedding. The chapel was adorned in rich rust and gold fabric, harmonizing beautifully with our bohemian fall florals, creating an atmosphere of rustic elegance.
April looked radiant in her wedding dress, featuring graceful bell sleeves, while Bernie exuded charm in navy pants, a brown vest, a white shirt, and a distinctive Harley Davidson belt buckle. Their attire spoke to their individuality and style, adding a touch of uniqueness to their day.
With the loving support of her mom and sister, April prepared for her walk down the aisle. Bernie, determined not to shed a tear, couldn’t help but be moved by the moment, and a few tears escaped his eyes. Their love was undeniable and beautifully emotional. As a symbol of their unity, they braided a cord of three strands during the ceremony, representing their shared journey and the strength that comes from love. It was a touching tribute to their commitment. Their exit was a joyful bubble-filled celebration, a whimsical way to mark the beginning of their new adventure together. Both April and Bernie share a love for jeeps, making their time here even more special. In addition to getting ducked, they seized the opportunity for photos with our Jeep Willis truck, a reminder of their shared passions and the journey they’re taking together.
April and Bernie’s intimate September wedding was a beautiful fusion of individuality, emotion, and shared dreams. Their love story is a testament to the beauty of unity, and their day was a heartfelt celebration of their journey ahead.
September Intimate WeddingSpecial momentWedding rings on Mossy LogMid-day Micro WeddingSeptember Intimate WeddingSeptember Forest Ceremony September Intimate WeddingForest bride portraitSeptember Intimate WeddingSeptember Intimate WeddingForest Bride and Groom PortraitBubble bride and groom portraitSeptember Intimate WeddingWoodsy bride and groom portraitforest bride portraitSeptember Intimate WeddingSeptember Intimate WeddingWoodsy Bride and groom portraitSeptember Intimate WeddingSeptember Intimate Wedding
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
Chapel Florals: Chapel in the Hollow – Bohemian Fall Florals
Photography:Star Noir Studio
Rings: Kay Jeweler
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Venue Associate: Elizabeth DeCoursey

Child-Free Micro Wedding – Katie and Andrew

Child-Free Micro Wedding

Katie and Andrew – September 10, 2023

Katie and Andrew created an intimate micro wedding at Chapel in the Hollow, celebrating their love in a child-free ceremony filled with warmth and elegance. The chapel was adorned in enchanting blush and black fabric, beautifully complemented by our blush and bashful florals, setting the stage for a day filled with love.
Katie, a vision of grace, wore an off-the-shoulder dress that radiated sophistication and style. Andrew looked equally dashing in black pants, a crisp white shirt, and suspenders. Their attire was a reflection of the simplicity and elegance that defined their special day.
Katie chose to walk down the aisle by herself, a powerful statement of her independence and strength. She wore a locket that held his mother’s ashes close to her heart, a touching tribute to their shared connection and the memory of a loved one.
Surrounded by their closest friends, Katie and Andrew each had four best friends stand up with them during the ceremony. Their bond with these dear friends added a layer of warmth and support to their union. To sweeten the celebration, they brought a cute cake and set up a table with refreshing lemonade and sweet tea for their guests. It was a delightful touch that added a sense of camaraderie to their micro wedding.
From the Bride:
Andrew and I met when we were 13 when i transferred schools. We had mutual friends and he ended up being the only person I knew going into the new school year. We hit it off pretty quickly and started dating September 14, 2015 and we have been inseparable ever since. You could say we are “high school sweethearts” but we really have been together since the middle of middle school, when we were 13. We both turn 21 this year so nearly 8 years in total. Together we have created a beautiful life and have a love that is one of a kind. We are defying all the odds and proving that just because you are young, you still know when you know. We truly are two peas in a pod and everyone around us has always known that we are in this for life. Marriage is something we’ve always looked forward to and we are so happy to finally be taking that step. 
We decided on having an East Tennessee micro wedding because some of my family lives local to the area, so it just made more sense for us to travel rather than for them. For fun, we both are definitely homebodies, we enjoy staying home and watching tv on our couch. We enjoy being home in the peace and quiet with one another.
child free wedding ceremonyForest cake tableChild Free Wedding CeremonyBright and airy wedding bouquet and shoesChild Free Wedding CeremonySentimental locket and wedding ringsChild Free Wedding CeremonyChild Free Wedding CeremonyChild Free Wedding CeremonyOutdoor summer ceremonyChild Free Wedding CeremonyForest outdoor ceremonyChild Free Wedding CeremonyWoodsy micro wedding ceremonyChild Free Wedding CeremonyForest bride portraitChild Free Wedding CeremonyChild Free Wedding CeremonyWoodsy bride and groom portraitChild Free Wedding CeremonyWoodsy bride portraitForest groom portraitChild Free Wedding CeremonyWoodsy Bride and Groom portraitChild Free Wedding CeremonyForest bride portraitChild Free Wedding Ceremony
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
Florals: Chapel in the Hollow – Blush & Bashful
Photography: @Star Noir Studio
Rings: Zales
Cake: @Cakes by Angie Heath
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Hair and Makeup: Bride
Venue Associate: Elizabeth DeCoursey

Chapel Wedding Celebration – Heather and Adolfo

Chapel Wedding Celebration

Heather and Adolfo – September 3, 2023

Heather and Adolfo brought their hearts and their family to our chapel for a truly special wedding celebration. The chapel was adorned in cream fabric, a canvas for the striking blue and yellow florals that reflected the brightness of their love. Their love story was a beautiful testament to family, with Adolfo carrying their baby and their son proudly walking Heather down the aisle. Their daughter played the sweet role of flower girl, adding a touch of innocence and charm to the day.
Their ceremony was a harmonious blend of languages and cultures. The officiant performed parts in English for Heather and parts in Spanish for Adolfo, creating a beautiful fusion of their backgrounds and shared dreams. Heather was a vision in her boho off-the-shoulder dress, accompanied by a short mantilla-style veil that added a touch of tradition to her look. Adolfo, the cowboy at heart, wore jeans and a suit jacket, complete with a cowboy hat that exuded a sense of rustic charm.
Their wedding cake, a cute little one-tier creation, symbolized the sweetness of their love and the simplicity of their celebration. It was a reminder that sometimes, the most beautiful things come in small packages.
Heather and Adolfo’s family wedding was a day filled with love, unity, and the promise of a bright future. Surrounded by the ones they hold dear, they embarked on a journey that celebrated the beauty of their unique love story.
From the Bride:
We met on Facebook (the dating section they came out with). I matched with him the second day I was on it, added him as a friend and deleted my dating profile the next day because of our quick connection. For our first date, we went to Anakeesta. It was a sweet and fun first date. Lots to do so it was a nice ice breaker. I remember it being very cold and him grabbing my hand to keep me warm. We immediately hit it off and talked every minute of the day after that. 
He proposed to me last year at my favorite restaurant- “ Pacifico Nayarit”. It’s a Hispanic seafood place that has live music on the weekends. When we went there was a mariachi singer there that night. My fiancé went to the restroom and all of a sudden I hear the mariachi singing a song that was very familiar – it was a song that my fiancé sings to me all the time. I knew in that moment it was happening. The mariachi came up to the table singing to me and then my fiancé got down on one knee.
Since we live in Knoxville – East Tennessee is home and is the most beautiful place to wed! I am looking forward to seeing my fiancés face when he sees me in my dress and my son walking with me down the aisle. 
for fun, we do a lot of family dates since we have a 9, 6 year old and a 3 month old. We love traveling and travel monthly! We are so excited to have this last missing piece of our story come together.
Chapel Wedding CelebrationLate Summer Bouquet and ShoesWedding Rings on Mossy LogChapel Wedding CelebrationCute Outdoor Cake TableChapel Wedding CelebrationOutdoor CeremonyChapel Wedding CelebrationForest Bridal PartyOutdoor Wedding CakeChapel Wedding CelebrationForest Bride PortraitChapel Wedding Celebrationwoodsy bride and Groom PortraitChapel Wedding CelebrationChapel Wedding CelebrationForest Groom PortraitChapel Wedding CelebrationForest Bride and Groom PortraitChapel Wedding CelebrationWoodsy Bride PortraitChapel Wedding CelebrationSummer Bouquet Chapel Wedding CelebrationWoodsy Bride PortraitChapel Wedding CelebrationForest bride and groom portraitChapel Wedding CelebrationWalk in the woods bride and groom portrait
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
Chapel Florals and Bridal Bouquet: Chapel in the Hollow via Boujee Blooms
Photography: @Star Noir Studio
Coordinator: Beverly with Custom Love Gifts & Events
Bridesmaid Dresses: Amazon
Shoes: DSW
Rings: Mod Gents and Kay Jewelers
Hair and Makeup: Beauty with Lindi
Jewelry: Amazon
Venue Associate: Elizabeth DeCoursey

Smoky Mountain Morning Wedding – Sherri and Joey

Smoky Mountain Morning Wedding

Sherri and Joey – September 3, 2023

Sherri and Joey brought the sunshine to our Smoky Mountain morning wedding, and it couldn’t have been more perfect! The lighting was simply gorgeous, mirroring the radiance of their love. With a joyful spirit, they dressed the chapel in cream and grey fabric, beautifully complemented by our succulent florals and the charming succulent wreaths adorning the pews. Their attention to detail set the stage for a truly special day.
Sherri, the epitome of elegance, wore an off-the-shoulder short dress with flowy sleeves, while Joey looked dashing in his black suit. Their adultish children, dressed in grey and mauve, added a touch of sophistication to the celebration. As a meaningful part of their ceremony, they all participated in a sand ceremony, symbolizing the blending of their families. It was a heartfelt moment, signifying the unity they were creating on this special day. Sherri honored a cherished family tradition by pinning her grandmother’s rings into her dress. This gesture beautifully intertwined her past with her present, a reminder that love transcends generations.
Their joyous celebration continued with a gorgeous cake from Cakes by Bakin’ Bishop, adding a sweet touch to their day. Photos in the forest and by our old jeep truck, adorned with white pumpkins for fall, captured the essence of the season and their love.
Sherri and Joey’s morning wedding was a reflection of their happiness and excitement as they blended their families together. With each moment and tradition, they wove a beautiful tapestry of love that will be treasured for generations to come.
From the Bride:
We were both on Plenty of Fish dating app and getting ready to delete our accounts when I messaged him with “Beckley WV?” to which he replied “is there any other?” and 4 hours later we stopped texting for the night. For our first date, we met at the mall and talked for a couple hours then went to dinner, where he drank my sweet tea ..we talked at dinner and didn’t want the evening to end.. we’ve been together since. We actually met in person for the first time the day before our first date, he texted me after and asked “when can I see you again!” and I answered “is tomorrow too soon?” The proposal was mutual ~~when my ring arrived he officially asked and put the ring on my finger. We were together over 5 years before we decided.
We love this area, so we decided to get married in East Tennessee. I am looking forward to finally becoming Mr and Mrs Lilly and beginning our lives together and blending our families. Being able to have our 4 children with us and blessing our marriage.. our children acting as our bridesmaids and groomsmen, and having my son walk me down the aisle! My Dad started a tradition of having his mother’s wedding rings pinned inside each cousin’s dress or suit. His mother passed when he was 15 and he had 5 younger siblings still at home, and being able to have her rings with me in my dress keeps her with me. Each cousin who has married has had our grandmother’s rings with them. My father passed away in July so having the rings with me this time has an even greater meaning.
For fun we laugh a lot and just enjoy spending time with each other and our families. We have a bbq company— Barbq Riot— that we spend our weekends working together as a family. We have a strong faith and believe that God is the center of our marriage. We have been blessed to find love again and have a true friendship with each other.
Smoky Mountain Morning WeddingSpecial KeepsakeSmoky Mountain Morning WeddingWedding Rings on Mossy LogSpecial Wedding TraditionSmoky Mountain Morning WeddingSmoky Mountain Morning WeddingForest CeremonySmoky Mountain Morning WeddingSmoky Mountain Morning WeddingFamily Sand Ceremony in the woodsSmoky Mountain Morning WeddingForest Family Celebration Smoky Mountain Morning WeddingForest Bride PortraitForest Bride and Groom PortraitWoodsy Groom PortraitSmoky Mountain Morning WeddingSmoky Mountain Morning WeddingRustic with Pumpkins Bride and Groom PortraitSmoky Mountain Morning Wedding
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
Coordination: Beverly with Custom Love Gifts & Events
Chapel Florals: Chapel in the Hollow – Succulent Blooms
Bouquets: Solawood
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Dress: R&M Richards from Amazon
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s bridal
Menswear: Mage Male from Amazon
Rings: Amazon
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Hair and Makeup: Bride
Jewelry: Olive and Piper
Venue Associate: Elizabeth DeCoursey

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