Smokey Mountain Elopement with Elisabeth and Shaun

Elisabeth and Shaun November 30, 2019

Liz and Shaun joined us for a Smokey Mountain elopement on November 30, 2019. The rains kept starting and stopping, but that didn’t keep Liz from rocking that dress. I always say rainy day lighting is the best for photos, and once again I have to advocate for its awesomeness!! This gorgeous moody look is my fave! Congratulations to Liz and Shaun–and thanks for braving the fall rain!

From the Bride:
Shaun and I worked for the same company for years. We were friends for several years before we started dating. We maintained a long distance relationship for a little over a year (me in AZ and he in GA) before I moved to GA 2 years ago.

The first date… I GOT SICK!!!! Our first date was a weekend trip to Nashville (since we were long distance). We had a blast the first day, but I started feeling funny. I thought it was just from traveling or having too much fun. NOPE! Full. Blown. Stomach flu. We were 4 hours from his house in GA. Luckily we stopped a night in Chattanooga because I would NOT have made it another 2 hours of driving. We locked ourselves in our hotel room and watched the National Championship game. I was running a horrific fever- but Shaun took care of me all weekend. He was so sweet. I thought for sure all the grossness right off the bat would have ran him off, but it didn’t. As he was taking me to the airport to fly home he made a comment that he felt funny. I flew home and he got the flu next. Sadly I wasn’t there to take care of him, but it’s made for a really funny story all these years later.

The proposal… THE BEST DAY EVER! We had planned to go to the Biltmore to see the Christmas decor 2 weeks from that day. I was browsing FB in the morning and saw some friends of ours had gotten engaged at the Biltmore the night before! I showed Shaun and he made a comment “that bastard stole my idea!”. I brushed him off with a “yeah yeah yeah”, because we had talked about getting engaged, but not at that time. It was a cold December Sunday, a very lazy day for us. We were in pj’s, warm bathrobes and slippers. Shaun said he felt like having some wine that night, so he went to the store and came back with a few bottles and couple cigars. I didn’t think that was too unusual. Then we spent the day having drinks and listening to music on our deck, which is our favorite place in the world to be. Shaun told me that if he had one day left to live, he’d want to be on our deck, listening to music, and having drinks with me. Exactly what we were already doing! I told him I agreed and that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else either. He said “I’m glad you said that….” pulled a box out of his robe pocket and got down on one knee. Shaun is a man of very few words but he said the most amazing things about his love for me and his love for us during that proposal. I was just crying and kissing his face over and over again. It was the most perfect moment of my life.

Our friends who got engaged (previously mentioned in the story) eloped to TN. I really wanted to have a Smokey Mountain elopement, and she said “I wish I had gone to this place” and sent me the Chapel in the Hollow link. I followed immediately and booked it the next day.

What we most look forward to? It’s just us. Nothing matters but us, and what we want, and our love.

Shaun and I LOVE music. Our favorite date nights are having dinner and drinks at home on our deck while listening to our favorite playlists. WE are also big sports buffs so we frequently watch the games together or go somewhere to watch whatever game is on. We are both old souls. If it’s vintage- it’s for us. You will see that in our rings and everything in our house.

Wedding Chapels in the Smokey Mountains at a Smokey Mountain elopement. Wedding bouquets in the Smokey MountainsWedding Rings in the Smokey MountainsWedding ceremony in the Smokey Mountains at a Smokey Mountain elopement.Wedding Chapels in the Smokey Mountains at a Smokey Mountain elopement.Wedding Chapels in the Smokey Mountains at a Smokey Mountain elopement.Bridal Portraits in the Smokey Mountains at a Smokey Mountain elopement.Couple photos in the Smokey MountainsAfter the wedding in the Smokey Mountains at a Smokey Mountain elopement.Getting married in the Smokey Mountains at a Smokey Mountain elopement.Love in the Smokey Mountains.Wedding Chapels in the Smokey Mountains at a Smokey Mountain elopement.Groom on a rainy day at a wedding in the Smokey MountainsRainy day weddings in the Smokey Mountains at a Smokey Mountain elopement.Wedding Chapels in the Smokey Mountains at a Smokey Mountain elopement.
Hair and Makeup: Fringe Hair and Nail Salon
Chapel Florals: Chapel in the Hollow
Bouquet: Rose & Bee Organics
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
Plan your Smokey Mountain elopement or intimate wedding with us today for a unique outdoor venue with lots of whimsical rustic charm in Seymour, Tennessee near Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, Cades Cove, Townsend, Maryville, and Knoxville. (weddings, elopements, micro weddings, chapels, smoky mountains, smokey mountains, smokie mountains, smoky mountain elopement). To check our availability for your date, take a look at our calendar

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Smoky Mountain Micro Wedding with Cissy and Adam

Cissy and Adam November 26, 2019

Cissy and Adam joined us at our lovely outdoor mini wedding chapel on a gorgeous November day to make their relationship official after 11 years by having a Smoky Mountain micro wedding. She wore an amazing dress from Southern Fried Chics Boutique, and he had on a vest with a pair of jeans. She found the flowers on  her belt in an antique store, and she got a little crafty to create it with that lovely satin ribbon. They looked comfortable and stylish, and they were so adorable together!! They chose to use the blush hanging fabric with our white and cream greenery chapel florals for a classic look, and they brought a couple of small signs to add a little extra personality. We enjoyed getting to know them as they shared pictures of their pups and told us about their honeymoon plans. Congratulations Cissy and Adam on your Smoky Mountain micro weddiing!! May you enjoy many years together!

From the couple:
We became friends through mutual friends. The first date was all butterflies. It was amazing. We kind of just decided to get married, nothing fairytale like. We decided on an East Tennessee wedding because it was less planning and stress. I (Cissy) was most looking forward to seeing his face during the ceremony. I (Adam) most looked forward to knowing I’ll spend the rest of my life with her. For fun, we like to take our boat out on the lake and just hang out together. 

Smoky Mountain Micro Wedding Chapel with hanging dress near Gatlinburg, TennesseeFlat Lay of details at wedding chapel near gatlinburg.Rings at Smoky Mountain Wedding Chapels. Micro wedding at Chapel in the Hollow, a Smoky Mountain Wedding Chapel near Gatlinburg. Bride and groom portraits at gatlinburg wedding chapel. Micro weddings bride and groom portraits.Bride and groom on log at outdoor micro wedding in the smokey mountainsOutdoor bridal portraits at smoky mountain micro wedding location Chapel in the Hollow near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Fall wedding with falling leaves during bridal portraits at a Chapel in the Hollow Smoky Mountain Micro Wedding.

Hair and Makeup: Southern Belle Beauty LLC
Dress: Southern Fried Chics Boutique
Chapel Florals: Chapel in the Hollow
Bouquet: DIY from Hobby Lobby
Rings: Reeds Jewelers
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow


To get started planning your Smoky Mountain Micro Wedding near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, check out our calendar for availability or take a look at a list of some of our favorite wedding pros.

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Smoky Mountain Elopement with Kristy and James

Kristy and James November 23, 2019

Kristy and James joined us for our second wedding to celebrate their Smoky Mountain elopement on November 23, 2019. I thought we were going to be lucky and not get any more rain, but I was wrong, lol. However, it created that gorgeous mood lighting so… worth it?? What could be prettier than the person you love at a sweet little wedding chapel on a cloudy day?

Let me warn you, this man has a way with words. His info sheet with the story of how they met was so beautifully descriptive–I can’t wait to share it in their blog post! They wrote their own vows, and he described her as having curves that would make a Tennessee backroad jealous. And, he sang for her!! Congratulations Kristy and James!!

From the Groom:

In a room full of faces, low lights and cover songs, she strolled in dressed to kill, with frosty golden locks and clicking heels. Her jeans wear painted on every curve, because there’s no other way they’d accommodate such a figure. Her lips were red and lush and kept my focus until she smiled and forced my glance northward to a set of eyes that Vogue would love to post on March’s Cover. They were consuming, like staring into a bonfire with no place else to go. Like time stood still if only for a second. I broke the stare to collect myself only to find that she’d been consumed by the crowd, the music and the atmosphere. I wondered. I waited. I watched. Every second felt like ten. I had to know. Excusing myself, I headed to the bar for a “drink” only to find myself glancing across the laughter and bar chatter. Perhaps I needed to go to the “restroom”? Scanning the room as I headed out of the semi crowded room, knowing that the restrooms were close in proximity, I walked slow and studied the Show Posters and art in the room. Where could she be? Was she even real? Something that magnificent? I walked in and did my business, washed and left. Knowing well, by now she’d bump into me. Nothing! Nope! Nada!  

The night moved on. The crowd grew thin and the music grew tired and slowly went away. 

On to another stage another dwelling where sober begins and stiff drinks end, there came a laughter from the corner of the room. Could it be? Glancing, but not staring, I check the crowded table in the corner and, YES! Again, at-last . I once again feast my eyes upon the most beautiful thing that I do believe I’ve ever seen! Have you ever imagined as a child looking upon a Majestic Unicorn? Full knowing that they never existed but, what if? What if just once you had that chance? I would take it! 

And friends let me tell you, just as gracefully as that beautiful creature walked into my presence…. 

I was able to watch it gracefully leave. Clip, clop, clip, clop, clip, clop. With every stride, her voluptuousness glided with. The wind created by her arms swinging by her side caused her jacket tails to move to and fro. The curls she worked intently on that night did just as she planned as they sprang from low to mid cheek and just as she turned the corner to make the few short step to pass me, she lifted her head lightly shifting her locks to the side and out of the way of those piercing emerald eyes. Then she gave me one last fiery glare as her lips lifted, stretched wide and shifted her cheeks upward as to whisper, “Wanna?” And Man! Did I ever? 

In less than a week, she was mine. 

Our first “True Date” was a concert. She bought the Tickets and he sang along in her ear while wrapping his arms around her waist. The happiest either of us had been in years.

He proposed at our favorite, The Log House. Dinner was perfect. The whole thing was recorded as he handed her a canvas that he’d painted the lyrics “Always remember there was nothing worth sharing, Like the Love that let us share our Name”. He dropped to one knee and awaited those words and to his life’s longing for her she embraced him with a yes and a soft kiss. 

We decided on a Smoky Mountain elopement in Tennessee because of the promise of a crisp fall day on a dry erase board. 

I (James) can’t wait to see the surrounding beauty of the mountains try to compete with the most beautiful woman in the world. I hope the mountains understand what they’re up against.

Ripe in age and young at heart we like to do a variety of things. Ranging from Concerts, to Motorcycle Rides to Random Adventures on the road and off. We enjoy one another. I think that’s what keeps things alive. We don’t really collect anything but we’ve got several pictures of our journey that we treasure. She likes the movies a lot. Sometimes the back row and a blanket is all we need. Usually starts as a nice dinner which we try to switch up as much as possible.

Bouquet at Chapel in the Hollow Smoky Mountain ElopementDress hanging at Chapel in the Hollow Smoky Mountain ElopementWedding Chapel in the Hollow Smoky Mountain ElopementFirst Look Chapel in the Hollow Smoky Mountain ElopementCeremony at Chapel in the Hollow Smoky Mountain ElopementBridal Portraits at Chapel in the Hollow Smoky Mountain ElopementVeil Photos at Chapel in the Hollow Smoky Mountain ElopementRainy Day Wedding at Chapel in the Hollow Smoky Mountain ElopementCouple Portraits at Chapel in the Hollow Smoky Mountain Elopement

Chapel Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Bouquet and Bout: Petals Florist and Giftshop
Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet from David’s Bridal
Menswear: Ralph Lauren from Macy’s
Rings: P.R. Sturgill Fine Jewelry and Kay Jewelers
Cake: Cakes by Bakin’ Bishop
Hair and Makeup: Whitney Evans Beauty
Jewelry: David’s Bridal and Etsy
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

Chapel in the Hollow is happy to welcome you for your Smoky Mountain Elopement! Find out our availability here

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Miranda and Adam’s Rainy Fall Wedding

Miranda and Adam November 23, 2019

Miranda and Adam braved the rain during our first wedding on November 23rd to tie the knot. They were showered with blessings as they said, “I do,” and they looked super cute in the moody lighting while we took pictures after. It’s normal for couples to be a little nervous thinking about rain on their wedding day, but we always make sure to have some cute umbrellas for couple photos, and the lighting on rainy days is incredible! We’re so glad that Miranda and Adam were willing to brave the rain and roll with our quirky Tennessee weather. Congratulations Miranda and Adam!!

From the Bride:
We actually started kindergarten together and went all the way through our school years together. In early March, Adam asked me to junior prom. We went out on a couple of dates before prom so it wouldn’t be awkward. We officially started dating on March 26, 2011. We graduated high school in 2012 and went on to attend the same community college. We graduated from community college. I started my first RN job on night shift and Adam transferred to Virginia Tech. He came home every weekend, even on the weekends I worked. We grew a lot in that as a couple. The first date was adorable! We had known each other for years but never in that capacity. We went to Logans and talked about school and our plans for the upcoming prom.

He proposed to me in December 2015. I was working night shift as a brand new nurse and he was coming home on the weekends from college. We had discussed our future many times and knew we would be together for the long haul. He told me he had to stop at the warehouse he was storing his car in. He went in to grab something and was gone forever! I finally went in to find him. When I opened the door he was down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me!”. When I said yes he stood up. It is SO ADAM. 🙂 It was such an awesome experience.

We struggled with deciding to have a big,local wedding or a small destination wedding. We decided we would love to start our journey with an awesome honeymoon so we opted for the smaller, more intimate ceremony setting. We absolutely love Pigeon Forge and visit multiple times a year. It seemed like the perfect place! I’m most looking forward to after the wedding day. I am so ready to share a last name and wake up and have him there with me. we had planned on getting married this pass summer but fate wouldn’t have it happen then. My sister, Gracie, decided she would get married in July, and his brother, Jordan, enlisted in the Army and left for basic training in May. We decided it was more important to wait until the people we love the most could be there and in the moment with us. 

We love food! We are always looking for a new restaurant to try out. We also really like going to concerts together. We have a thing for small venues and punk rock bands. We also love going out on South Holston Lake in the boat and trying new things, like wakeboarding. We have awesome family and friends and like to spend as much time as life and jobs allow.

Coordination: Custom Love Gifts, Events & Prints
Bouquets: DIY
Wedding Dress: The Glass Slipper, Kingsport TN
Menswear: Belk
Hair: Fringe Hair and Nail Salon
Makeup: Bride
Photography: @StarNoirStudio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

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Nicole and Matt’s Mountain Wedding

Nicole and Matt November 16, 2019

Yesterday, Nicole and Matt came to blend their lives and their families. Their children were super sweet, and you’d think they had been together forever. These two love the mountains so much that they moved to Knoxville recently, and we’re so glad they found us! They did something new and fun for their aisle setup… They brought in tables and chairs to line the aisle so that they could be used for the ceremony as well as afterward to enjoy some of that tasty looking cake. Congratulations Nicole and Matt!!

From the Bride:
Matt and I met as children, we went to the same church and school for a while. Our mothers were friends and he and my sister went to school together. He was present at a few parties and my family even has home movies of him! But with time our families drifted apart and we didn’t see each other anymore. We grew up, I got married and had my children and he did too, as life sometimes goes, we both ended up getting a divorce. I had been single for a few years and was taking my time and getting my heart healed when our hometown of Panama City went through a Cat 5 Hurricane in October 10, 2018. I was living there at the time, although Matt has moved away many years before his parents were still living there. The hurricane devastated the town so nothing was normal for us. Trying to find some sense of normalcy, I took the kids on Halloween night to Wonder-works across the bridge where there was minimal destruction. They were allowing residents to come for free since truck or treating in town was not an option. We wanted to have a good time and forget all about everything for a little while. We happened to run into some childhood friends of mine and enjoyed the night with them. We posted a few pictures on Facebook which Matt must have seen because on November 1st he messaged me. We started talking and immediately hit it off. We reminisced about our childhood memories and our life together quickly unfolded. All of life’s trials have made us who we are today and we know nothing will be perfect but together we can weather any storm and believe in love again.

We had been talking on the phone and through text for about a month, but we hadn’t been anywhere together yet due to distance. Matt came up with the idea to meet in Destin, Florida for a getaway. So he drove 6 hours from Alabama and I drove an hour from Panama City to met him. We went to dinner at Longhorn’s then walked on the beach where we shared our first kiss. Matt says it was magical and I say it felt so peaceful.

We had a long distance relationship, so we would go sometimes two to three weeks without seeing each other. We hadn’t seen each other for three weeks at the time and Matt was coming for Easter weekend. He was bringing his children to meet mine all together for the first time. When he arrived at my house, my kids and I were waiting on them at the door. His kids walked up towards the door first holding red roses then Matt came up the walk and proceeded to ask me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. I said yes, of course! Our kids were so excited. It was great to have them be a part of that moment.

All my life, I had been wanting to move to the mountains. This area had left its mark on me as a twelve year old girl. When we talked about getting married, I immediately wanted to get married in the mountains. Matt agreed it would be perfect. Then the opportunity presented itself for us to actually move to Knoxville and we jumped on it and haven’t looked back. It’s so gorgeous here and we can’t wait to explore all the area has to offer.

Nicole- I am looking forward to standing with Matt and our kids as we say our vows to them and to each other. That will be the best moment for me. Matt- Seeing her walk down the aisle towards me then getting to spend forever after with her is what I’m looking forward to.

I told Matt it had to be Fall. I have always wanted a Fall wedding. I love seeing the leaves in all different colors. My birthday is November 6th, his parents anniversary is on my birthday, but we knew a weekend day would be better for our family so we settled on November 16th. It’s perfect because it’s the month we started talking.

Matt and I are enjoying exploring our new town of Knoxville. We have hiked to waterfalls and been to some caverns around here. We can honestly make a date out of ANYTHING. Grocery shopping and antique shopping are more fun when we are together. We have a great time spending family time together at the Zoo with our kids. We particularly love this one walking park in Farragut that is covered in shade trees, has bunches of squirrels and chipmunks, and a flowing creek.

Bouquet: Bride’s Mother
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Menswear: Macy’s Nautica
Invitations: Shutterfly
Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals
Shoes: and Belk
Rings: Kay Jewelers Etsy Cornejo Jewelers
Cake: Sam’s Club
Hair and Makeup: Southern Sirens
Decor: Hobby Lobby, Antique Stores, and Etsy
Photography: @StarNoirStudio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

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