Vintage Fall Wedding

Morgan and Marcus – September 12, 2020

Vintage Fall Wedding

Morgan and Marcus’s vintage fall wedding was gorgeous and so beautifully captured by Celestial Photography!

From the Bride:

Marcus and I met in the 7th grade in our middle school cafeteria. I had no idea who he was and I was the shyest person on the planet, he’s the exact opposite. He walked up to me and said “hey wanna be my girlfriend”, and me being the shy girl I was kind of ignored the question and told him I would let him know (lol). Two weeks later I walked up to him after class and just said “yes”, he smiled at me and then we held hands and walked out the busses together. We have been together ever since I went home that day and wrote in my little diary that I met my “future husband”, I told all my friends and family that I knew I was going to marry Marcus Couch one day and here we are getting married!

In middle school, we obviously couldn’t drive so our “dates” were getting to go to the movies with our friends and we would all meet up there. I remember being soooo nervous because I just was shy and had never had a boyfriend, I still have the picture from our “first date” at the movies. He kept every single movie ticket stub from all the movies we went to!

Marcus proposed and I was honestly so shocked but obviously over the moon happy! I got a text at work on December 23rd, 2018 and Marcus had asked if I wanted to go to The Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo and I said OF COURSE I DO! (I love all the festivities that come with the holidays whereas Marcus doesn’t really care for them, so when he does go it’s because he knows I love all of that stuff). Festival of Lights was sold out so he picked me up and took me to Kings Island Winterfest which was just as pretty, wintery, and fun. We walked around in the freezing cold, ate Skyline Chili, and then went into a photo booth. (This should have been my red flag that something was happening because Marcus thinks photobooths are a waste of money and never wants to go in them even when I beg him to lol), it was the smallest photobooth you could imagine sitting in and I remember saying to him “will you sit still and take the pictures?” (What I didn’t know was that the ring was in his wallet and it had fallen through a hole he had in his wallet so he was kinda panicking). After we got done taking the pictures we laughed at how terrible they turned out, walked around a little longer, then decided to leave because we were freezing. We get to our car and I am trying to open the door because I was freezing, but Marcus asked me to “hold on”. He started by saying “Thanks for coming with me to Winterfest” and I just responded with “Okay? haha” and he hugged me, and then said “You know I love you very much right?” and me still thinking he was being weird said “Of course, I love you too babe”, and I turned to open the car door and all I heard him say was “Wait I have to do this first” and me being confused, turned around and saw the man I have loved since the 7th grade down on one knee and he said “Please, you have to marry me. Will you marry me?” and then I started crying and said “Oh my god yes yes yes yes”.

COVID-19 really ruined all the plans we originally had, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I feel that God knew that the wedding we were planning at home in Northern Kentucky was not the wedding we truly wanted. We love Tennessee, we love Gatlinburg, and we are just a fun couple who just enjoys being goofy and spending time with family. I found Chapel in the Hollow on Pinterest and I remember showing it to Marcus and saying “let’s just say screw it, go to Tennessee and get married!” He was all in and to our surprise, our whole family was excited and really wanted to join so here we are!

I am really looking forward to Marcus’s reaction as I walk down the aisle to him, I know that as soon as I seem him I am going to start bawling my eyes out I love him so much. Finally getting to be his wife means everything to me, it’s hard to explain truly.

We love the outdoors and we enjoy white tail deer hunting in the fall months, when it’s not deer season we enjoy binge watching good shows on Netflix, right now we are binging The Blacklist!

Vintage Fall Wedding

Florals: The Country Heart Florist
Wedding Dress: Enchanting by Mon Cheri from Mansion Hill Bridal
Photography: Kayla Hoover from Celestial Photography
Bridesmaid Dresses: Showpo
Menswear: Van Heusen from Kohl’s
Invitations: DIY
Shoes: LC by Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s
Rings: Kay Jewelers
Cake: Cakes by Bakin’ Bishop
Officiant: Pastor Ken Clift (Marcus’s Grandfather)
Favors: Amazon
Hair and Makeup: Amber Couch – MOH/New Sister-in-Law

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