Heather and Michael’s Intimate Fall Wedding

Heather and Michael November 1, 2019

Our first wedding on November 1st was Heather and Michael. They joined their two families together merging a lovely group of girls–daughters for days!! I think you’re going to love their sweet style!

From the Bride:
We met through our kids! We each had a daughter in the same class who knew each other. Around spring of that year both girls decided to play softball. Well, Michael just so happened to be coaching that year and chose my daughter to play on his team. A few weeks into the season I I received a text asking to go bowling. We didn’t bowl but started a chat that lasted and it led to our first date.

Our first date had been talked about loosely for a little while with different ideas being thrown out and debated. The night we planned to go somewhere I found myself getting a little nervous and having cold feet. I procrastinated long enough that he finally said he was gonna grab some steaks and grill them at his house if I wanted to come on over. I finally got the courage up to drive out and find his place(it’s a little out there!) He grilled up some steaks and veggies and we sat and had a meal together. We ended up sitting out on his front porch talking for hours.

Our proposal was a little unorthodox and a surprise as well. The day Michael proposed we had just closed on the home we decided to buy together. We went by the house to look around and have a toast. I was so excited about our new place looking around and talking about ideas for our new home. He pulls out a ring and surprises me there in our new kitchen. Cue the ugly tears!

We didn’t start out wanting to have a conventional wedding. Once we decided to invite friends and family we started to look at our options. I decided to look at TN because it’s known for being a beautiful wedding location. Once I found Chapel in the Hollow I knew it was the one.

Michael says he is most looking forward to seeing me. I say I am most looking forward to the honeymoon where I am no longer the center of attention. Haha

We got engaged November 2, 2018 and wanted to shoot for that date but couldn’t! So November 1st it was. We both love fall and it is our favorite season. Since we also bought our home at this time last year, it is a special time of year for us.

We are very simple people and the things we find ourselves doing the most are going out for a nice meal. We love to eat! Every good time we ever have involves good food! Whether it’s home cooked and we are talking about our day, to the lunch dates we try to squeeze in. We like to take the kids out and do things all together as a family. We haven’t given up sitting outside on the porch talking to each other watching what goes by.

Florist: The Petal Cart
Wedding Dress: Oleg Cassini from David’s Bridal
Rings: Diamonds Direct
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

chapelinthehollow@gmail.com 865-696-5348