McKenzie and Wesson’s Pumpkin Spice Wedding

McKenzie and Wesson October 23, 2019

McKenzie and Wesson made it feel like fall at the chapel on October 23rd when they blanketed it with pumpkins. McKenzie’s grandmother owns a little produce stand, and they brought pumpkins all the way from home to add to the atmosphere. She looked luminous, and they have gorgeous chemistry. Congratulations, McKenzie and Wesson!!

From the Bride:
We met on Tinder, HA! We had both previously gotten out of long-term relationships, so we downloaded Tinder, which was the easiest way to meet new people at the time. I was a student at Mississippi State University, living in Starkville. He was living and working in Tupelo. We texted and talked for almost a month before we met.

Wesson asked to take me to dinner a few times before I ever accepted his offer of a first date. The first night we met, he arrived at my apartment and I invited him inside. We talked, and I introduced him to my dog. Wesson asked where I wanted to go eat, and I named a few places in the Cotton District, before we eventually just decided on a local Japanese hibachi restaurant. After going to eat, we went back to my apartment where we put on a movie, talked, and played with my dog. We talked for hours, literally hours, with no idea of how much time was passing by. We only realized how much time had gone by when Wesson pointed at my window and said, “Hey, the sun is up!” He had work in a few hours, and I had class, so he made the drive back to Tupelo and I took a quick nap before class. I didn’t know this until after we had been together almost a year, but Wesson used his last $50 to take me on our first date. He had taken time off from work due to heart surgery and starting a new job. After catching up on all his past due bills, he was left with $50. He used $30 to pay for our meal from our first date and the remaining $10 for gas to get back home. He still says it was the biggest and best chance he’s ever taken, and the best $50 he has ever spent.

Wesson proposed. He had gotten my ring made a few months prior, so I knew an engagement was coming, I just didn’t know when! After going to a New Year’s Eve party, we came back to our home to make cookies. Wesson told me that this was not how he pictured proposing, but he could not wait anymore to ask me. He got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him.

We decided on Tennessee when I stumbled across this chapel on Pinterest. I instantly loved it. It was everything I wanted and had pictured in my mind. We never got to have any engagement pictures made, and we really haven’t had that many photos taken of us during our relationship. We are always too involved to stop and take a photo. I mostly look forward to us both having photos of ourselves and our special day. 

We had originally chosen October 19th, before realizing how many people had also chosen this day. Then we moved our date to October 9th, then my aunt announced she was due with her second child on October 6th. With a baby’s arrival date being unpredictable, we decided to move our date again. Since our date would be so last minute, we knew no Saturday’s would be available. After looking at a calendar, and saying each date out-loud, we liked the way October 23rd sounded the best.

Honestly, we are both pretty laid-back boring people. Wesson is gone for months at a time now for work, so when he is home, we just enjoy resting. We love to watch the show Grace and Frankie on Netflix. Most of our time is spent around our dogs– four cocker spaniels! We recently had a litter of 5 puppies to tend to.

Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Dress: The Last Minute Bride
Menswear: Thomas Brothers
Rings: PerfectLoverRing on Etsy
Cake: Bride’s mother
Shoes: Blue by Betsy Johnson
Hair and Makeup: Organic Infusion Hair & Nail Salon
Pumpkins: Adcox’s Produce
Photographer: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
. 865-696-5348