DIY Weddings – Pros and Cons

Do it yourself (DIY) Weddings are huge right now. It seems almost everyone is on a budget, and DIY can save you a few pennies if it’s done right. Plus, it’s a great way to infuse your wedding with all of the beautiful details that speak to you! Here are a few pros and cons of a DIY wedding.

DIY Pros
1. It’s your wedding–who knows what you want better than you?
2. Budget friendly.
3. You get to delve into every aspect of weddings until your brain is filled with wedding ideas.
4. Choose the traditions that appeal to you and discard the others.
5. It can give you and your wedding party more opportunities to get together.
6. You finally get to use that glue gun that’s been collecting dust in your closet!!

DIY Cons
1. Can be time consuming.
2. It’s easy to go over budget if you don’t stick to a plan.
3. Pinterest DIY ideas aren’t always as easy in real life as they look online.
4. You may still need to find vendors for certain things.
5. It might be difficult to find helpers for certain jobs.
6. If you aren’t good at time management, it can be stressful.

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