Bailey and Logan’s Smoky Mountain Intimate Destination Wedding

Bailey and Logan’s wedding day dawned clear, beautiful, and cold. With a little snow still hanging around from a snowfall in the days before, it was finally beginning to thaw and warm just a bit. Bailey and her family were such a pleasure to host at our quiet little country venue, and we really enjoyed spending time with all of them. 🙂 Plus, her dad looked super dapper in his hat!!

From the bride…

We met in 8th grade. We started “dating” toward the end of our 8th grade year and were on and off until I was a senior in college. No matter where we were in our lives we always found our way back to one another. We’ve seen each other at lowest points and our highest points in life and watched each other change over the years. No matter what we were always best friends and we still are. He’s my very best friend and I know I can tell him anything and he will always be there. He actually proposed on my 23rd birthday in November. We went to dinner and he started to act a little weird. They had a Christmas tree up at the shopping area the restaurant was at and he knows I’m a sucker for anything Christmas, so he suggested we walk over this little bridge and go look at this huge Christmas tree. When we came up to the tree and rounded the corner I saw my family, his family, and my best friend standing there with signs that said “Bailey Will You Marry Me?” .  And then he got down on his knee and proposed with the most perfect and unique ring.

I actually bought my dress before I was engaged. I went to a boutique where I could buy off the rack, so I took my dress home the same day. I was not sure what style I wanted, so I tried on various shapes and styles and narrowed down what I did and didn’t like. I wanted something lace and fitted. As soon as I tried on my dress for the first time, I knew it was the one. For my hair and make up, I let the stylist do her thing. I told her I wanted something romantic and soft and that’s exactly what she gave me! I helped my groom pick out his suit. He liked more fitted styles, so we went to Express and found a more modern looking suit. I knew I wanted him to be wearing something more slim fitting because he looks so good in that style! He originally had a bow tie, but thought he looked like a clown. So he won that argument and bought the tie. (:

I wanted something intimate, rustic, and cozy. I planned the wedding in 4 months, so I just put things together pretty quickly and hoped for the best. I knew I wanted to use dark reds and other dark colors for the palette.

Originally, I thought I would go all out and do a lot of decor for the ceremony and reception, but realized how time consuming it was. Thankfully the chapel was already decorated, which was heaven sent  because I did not have enough time to get any other decorations together.  Plus, the wedding was outside in the woods, so it was already halfway decorated! I did make my own bouquet, which took me about 5 minutes to do. My mom and I also made the boutonnières out of spent shot gun shells and flowers. For the reception, the restaurant put mason jars with flowers in them on the tables. My mom decorated my wedding cake too!
I used dark, bold, big flowers in my bouquet. I also included some wintry pierces of red berries and evergreen branches in my bouquet. My bridesmaid carried a single white rose. The boutonnières had simple baby’s breath pieces in them, so it didn’t take away from the shot gun shell. Initially, I didn’t think my flowers played a huge role in the style of my wedding since I did not spend much time putting them together. However, looking at the pictures, I think they did play an important part in the overall style of the wedding.
We did not really personalize any part of the day. I guess having both of our families come to Tennessee and spend this special time with us was enough. My favorite parts of the wedding were getting ready with my mom and my bridesmaid, seeing my handsome groom waiting for me at the chapel, working with our photographer and her husband (they were amazing!)and having dinner with our families. The whole experience was so special!
The most special moment of my wedding day was finally seeing my husband after spending a day apart. I was so excited to get out of the car and see him standing there. He had no idea what my dress looked like so that was special too!
I think it’s more important to focus on the marriage and less on the wedding. Some people get so wrapped up in the planning of the wedding, they forget about the marriage that comes after the wedding. And it’s always important to compromise, choose your battles wisely! (;
Hair and Makeup: Organic Infusion Hair and Nail Salon
Photography: Star Noir Photography
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow 865-696-5348