Anise and Bradley’s Multiracial Elopement Smoky Mountains

Anise and Bradley September 1, 2019

After this wedding, I have reason to believe that there is hope for society. Anise and Bradley joined us for their elopement on a beautiful day in September. If these two so very different people can join together and become one, then there can be no excuses for the rest of us… That’s right, a DC fan and a Marvel fan have tied the knot and live in relative peace.  If you’re not quite nerdy enough to know what that means, those are two warring comic book factions. I so enjoyed getting to know Anise and Bradley a little better–hearing about her newfound interest in camping, their dogs (named Gambit and Rocket), and their upcoming honeymoon plans. And ooooooh the light–this beautiful evening light just made Anise glow—ermagerd! Congratulations to the two of you!! 

From the bride:
We met through a dating app. Bradley was reluctant to signup as he is more traditional, yet his brother talked him into giving it a try. We initially began conversing through the app, this led to exchanging numbers and the rest will become the narrative of our lives.

The first date was a date that almost didn’t happen. We were set to meet for lunch, however due to a scheduling mishap at work Bradley had to push the time of the date back 3 hours. We went to a little Mexican restaurant near Anise’s office. We sat there for quite a while and engaged in great conversation as we got to know one another better. After finishing the late lunch, Anise said, “I’m enjoying myself, would you like to continue the date.” Me, knowing I had hit the lottery, tried to play it cool and said, sure. We then drove around downtown Nashville trying to find something else to do in the early evening. We stumbled upon a little Blues bar and the group that took the stage later became our favorite blues band. By the end of the evening, I knew that I could one day love this woman!!!

Bradley proposed in Pigeon Forge as we were leaving from a weekend getaway. He originally planned to propose while we were hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but the right time never presented itself. He carried the ring around in his pocket all weekend waiting to ask. The spot he chose overlooked the Little Pigeon River with the sun setting in the background over the mountains. It was such a perfect ending to the weekend!

We chose 9-1-19 because it is the same forward as it is backwards. To us, it is symbolic of the circle of life as it starts, ends and begins anew. We enjoy the outdoors, camping, kayaking and mountain biking. We love trying new restaurants in the cities we travel and prefer to find “off the beaten path” locations.

Makeup: Ulta Beauty (Kayla)
Chapel Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Bouquet: Groom
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow 865-696-5348