Tiny Weddings in the Smoky Mountains – Victoria and Josh

Victoria and Josh – August 8, 2020

Tiny Weddings in the Smoky Mountains

Tiny weddings in the Smoky Mountains are so lovely — and you are going to enjoy this one! Victoria and Josh are our second wedding of August 8th. She looked so elegant in her lace dress, and he had a cool prep academy look going on. Their daughter was the flower girl, and she did a fantastic job getting everyone excited to see her mom. They did a few dances after the ceremony that were so much fun to watch. ???? Congratulations Victoria and Josh!!

From the Bride:

We first met when we were in about 6th or 7th grade. We road the school bus together and I always thought he was “so cute!” We “dated” once when I was in 8th grade and broke up (I thought he was weird because he said JK). He still brings that up. Haha! At the beginning of my 9th grade (August 29,2007) we officially started dating. Our first “date” was at a football game I was 13 and he was 15. Our parents drove us, ha! I thought he was weird, I’m glad I gave him another chance a year later! I was at his high school graduation and he was at mine. High school sweethearts. On July 8, 2011 I found out I was pregnant. We were young and scared, but we both stepped up and grew up fast. We rented our first home together, and on March 8, 2012 our daughter Madison (Maddi) was born. On August 4,2014 Josh asked me to marry him. We were both in college, working, and raising a child, that it turned into a very long engagement. He actually wanted us to get professional family pictures. (I should have known then because he HATES pictures!) At the end of our photoshoot he got down on one knee and asked! Our daughter, my sister, and the photographer (my sisters sister in law) were all there! I was extremely surprised and did not expect it a single bit! We got it on video and pictures! Our daughter Maddi is so excited. She will be singing a song in our wedding. It will be recorded and she will walk down The aisle as the flower girl to the song she will sing. It is “I see the Light” from Tangled. We are Disney lovers so most of our songs are Disney! My grandmother is retired but owns a local bakery at Cakes By Joyce, I’ve always known I wanted her to make my wedding cake, and she has agreed to come out of retirement just for this day! My sister, Halee has basically helped me put EVERYTHING together for this wedding, and has been my best friend our whole lives. My cousin Leighanne has helped with on all the crafty stuff! She helped me find the flowers to use! & has allowed me text or cal anytime to vent or cry! My aunt Anji put our beautiful bouquet’s and boutonniere’s together! I’m convinced there isn’t anything she can’t do! We have an awesome family and I am so excited about combining the two of our amazing families. 

We have been looking at Chapel in the Hollow for years but kept thinking it would be too small for the amount of guests we wanted. We decided we wanted only close family members, but never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings. So when COVID regulations came along, we thought it was our perfect time to have the small wedding we have been dreaming of, without any feelings getting hurt! We instantly knew Chapel in the Hollow was our pick!

I’m most looking forward to finally marrying the love of my life for almost 13 years and having his and my daughters last name. All of our close family being in one place together. The pictures!!! The site is so beautiful, I cannot get over how beautiful the pictures will be!

We knew we wanted to get married on the 8th, it’s our number! (We started dating in August (the 8th month), Found out I was pregnant on the 8th, her heart beat was first heard on the 8th, she was born on the 8th, and josh asked me to marry him in August (the 8th month.)) It’s silly, but 8 has held so many special times for us. So a few months ago we realized 08/08/2020 lands on a Saturday! So we hurried, booked a date and now we will have the perfect date for our little family!

Well, one thing I love about Josh is that he’s just as simple as I am! We have an 8 year old, so our dates and fun consist of things she would like to do as well! We love to eat! So any date we do have has to consist of food!

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Chapel Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Bouquet and Boutonniere: Hobby Lobby and Aunt Anji
Dress: David’s Bridal
Menswear: Men’s Wearhouse
Cake: Cakes by Joyce
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Hair and Makeup: Bride
Jewelry: Amazon.com
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: @Chapel in the Hollow

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