Surprise Winter Wedding – Anne and Nick

Anne and Nick – December 28, 2021

Surprise Winter Wedding

Anne and Nick brought their families to us for a surprise winter wedding. They waited to tell their families about it until Christmas Day to keep excitement high and stress low. They dressed the chapel in champagne fabric with our red berry winter florals. They opted for a first look so they could have more time for photos, and they were so cute together!! Anne opted for a form fitting trumpet style dress, and Nick had a fun russet colored suit. Congratulations, Anne and Nick!!
From the Bride:
Nicholas and I met in college in passing, but never looked twice at each other. A few years later, Nicholas reached out to me on Facebook while he was working in the area that I lived in.(For context purposes, Nicholas is a project engineer and travels for work) I ignored him for a solid 2 weeks, but after contacting me every way possible, I agreed to a date with him. We went on our first date on Friday night, I came back to go out with him and his work crew that same Saturday night, and then the county shut down due to COVID. Due to COVID I was working from home, and there was no restaurants open for indoor dining. We spent the first 6mo dating, having dinner in the truck or his hotel room. Due to realities of his job, relocation soon approached, and many conversations had to be had. He relocated a hand full of times the first year of our relationship. I drove an average of 200miles each way, each weekend following him across the state, but have never looked back since our first date!!
I was late for the first date because I was determined to not show up. I had a good friend of mine that had insisted I go because quote, ‘You’re going to marry this one’ … so I eventually convince myself to show up to prove my friend wrong, what harm could one date do? .. So I show up late, Nick’s first words were “You’re finally here, I’m starving”. We go to eat Mexican, as I am shoveling a giant fork full of cheesy rice into my mouth- with a large margarita in front of me, Nick decides to tell me he tries to watch what he eats, because eating healthy is important to him. … somehow we managed to get thru dinner and laugh enough that I am willing to hang out and accept his offer to come back the next night. From there, we just never really separated. We’ve been inseparable for the most part and just tag along wherever the other one goes!
We had been together for a year in March 2021, even tho I had decided we were getting married well before our first anniversary. Our anniversary comes and goes, no ring. I bring it up and question it every chance I get. I’m impatient, eager, and determined that he either marries me or I’m leaving(I was kidding)… Finally summer rolls around and I’ve about given up on a ring anytime soon. We were getting ready to head to his parent’s house for 4th of July. I tell him to check one last time if he forgot anything, and he says, no he didn’t, but I did. He shows me the ring, and I immediately begin crying my eyes out. I don’t think he even was able to ask me or get on one knee for catching me from falling in tears. After accusing him of playing a very mean trick on me, he says that he’s serious and put the ring on my finger.

We had previously decided on North Carolina for our wedding private, no guests ceremony. While scrolling thru facebook a friend had asked for elopement suggestions, and Chapel in the Hollow was mentioned by someone else. I decided to look CIH up and immediately fell in love. We knew we had to change plans.

Nick’s work base is Knoxville, and East TN is where we plan to plant roots and raise our family at, so marrying at somewhere that we can come back to is very special to us.

I am excited about my dress and his suit! We were with each other when both were picked out, but haven’t peeked since purchase dates and we both just genuinely LOVE our attire. Our attire is total opposite of the outdoors location and we hope that it makes everything just pop. No significance, all siblings and parents are in town but otherwise… We liked that it worked with celebrating Christmas and New Years all in the same time frame.

We LOVE to visit local breweries. We are always looking for new food to try and a new brewery to pair with it! We also love going to Main Event in Knoxville. We used to lie to his parents about needing to get me home to Lebanon, and stay the night in Knoxville to play arcade games at Main Event until late at night!
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Chapel Florals: Chapel in the Hollow
Dress: Allure from Bedazzled Bridal and Formal
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Leather Bowtie: Holt Leather
Menswear: Express
Rings: Ennix Jewelry and Gifts in Tazwell, TN
Officiant: Jordan Patel
Venue Associate: Elizabeth DeCoursey
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
Are you planning a surprise winter wedding? We’d love to help you celebrate! Check out our calendar to see if we have your date available!
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