Smoky Mountain Wedding Chapel Gatlinburg Tennessee

Amanda and Marc – May 4, 2019

Our second wedding on May 4th was Amanda and Marc. They didn’t get as lucky as our other two couples–there was a little rain–but they powered through and ended up married anyway. 😉

From the bride:
How we met: Marc messaged me on Twitter and asked for my number in July 2016. In September of 2016 I finally gave in and hung out with him haha. Our first date was on September 4, 2016. We went to the WEBN Fireworks in Cincinnati with his cousin. I was super nervous and shy and still to this day wish we had gotten a picture together that night. Halfway through the firework show there were shots fired and fights broke out, I just remember he grabbed me by the arm and we ran for what seemed like miles to his car.

He proposed. On September 2, 2017, we went to Gatlinburg to celebrate our one year. We got up Saturday, and he wanted to go on a hike to Laurel Falls. We get all the way to the top where the waterfall is, and a lady asked if we wanted a picture. Well he gave her his phone where he had his notepad up, and it said “I’m going to propose to her” and she started reading it out loud! Lol he hushed her really quickly and luckily I hadn’t really noticed. Then she says to everyone (about 30ish people up there) “EXCUSE ME!!!! I’m taking a picture please move!” And everyone moved and Marc got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He was so nervous he didn’t even put it in my finger lol but he said I never even said yes anyway hhahah.

I wanted to go away to get married because I didn’t want to walk down the aisle in front of a lot of people. Then my friend recommended Chapel in the Hollow, and I knew it was the perfect place! I was mostly looking forward to the pictures that came from it because I love pictures more than anything, I cherish them so much. Plus I’m pretty excited to be married lol. I let my mom choose our wedding date. I knew I wanted either the first or second weekend of May to avoid hurricane season during our honeymoon, then I let her choose if she’d rather be in TN Mother’s Day or me be gone on my honeymoon on Mother’s Day.  

For fun, we like to take our dogs on hikes, go to dinner, or work on projects around our house together! Every night feels like a date night no matter what we do! 865-696-5348