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Rachel and Tim August 11, 2019

Rachel and Tim brought their families to the chapel on August 11th for a beautiful (if warm) ceremony.  Rachel looked amazing in her dress that she found on Etsy in the Tati_Magic shop with her hair and makeup by Southern Sirens, and Tim looked very dapper in his grey vest with an oversized boutonniere. Congratulations Rachel and Tim!!

From the Bride:
Tim and I met bowling with mutual friends. My friend had invited me out bowling. I was under the impression that our other co-workers were going to be there as well, and it was an after work thing. Tim was told by my friends husband that it was a bunch of guys from their friend group getting together. When we showed up, it was only really the other couple and us! We still aren’t sure if it was a setup or if everyone else but us decided not to show up. He spent the night teaching me to bowl the “right way” haha. He took me for a ride on his motorcycle the next day. We had a great time, but he didn’t ask for my number so I decided to be bold and offer it. He messaged immediately (later telling me he didn’t think I was really into him, boy was he wrong!). That was almost 3 years ago now, and he has been my best friend every day since.

Our first real alone date was my second ride on his motorcycle. He took me down the Florida coast, and we had dinner and drinks at a little beach bar. When he was dropping me off at the end of the night he went in for a long kiss that turned into several long kisses each of taking turns saying good night in between.

Tim proposed one morning over breakfast. He loves to cook. Sometimes, he makes faces out of the breakfast food on my plate before serving it to me. That morning was no different. Except as I was about to bite into the pancake smiley face staring up at me, he said that I had forgotten something and when I looked up at him there he was holding out a little black box and the biggest smile. I swear even the pancake man was jealous.

We wanted to get married close enough for both of our families to attend but still remain authentic to us and our interests. We both love the outdoors. Hiking and camping with our dogs and spending as much time on our kayaks exploring or fishing is how we spend most of our off time, so when I came across Chapel in the Hollow I knew this was the place that made sense for our relationship.

I couldn’t wait to walk down that isle and towards the future with the man I am so lucky to call my lover and my best friend.

We chose the 11th of August because it is the time of year we are our in our element with outdoor activities and also because we wanted to ensure that we could have as many of the most important people in our lives in attendance as possible.

In our downtime, you can find us usually out side, fishing, hiking, camping or kayaking for as long as the weather will allow! The winter months are reserved for our Netflix catch up and snuggles. 

Chapel Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Bouquet: Southern Blooms Creations
Dress: Tati Magic
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow


chapelinthehollow@gmail.com 865-696-5348