Brittni and Eric’s Snowy Elopement

Brittni and Eric November 12, 2019

Brittni and Eric were lucky enough to plan their wedding on the same day as the first snow of the season. Poor Brittni had goosebumps for days, but she still looked beautiful. Congratulations Brittni and Eric!!

From the Bride:
We met online. On the first date, I climbed up into his old Chevy and just cruised around, talking about anything and everything. It was super snowy, gloomy and cold on that December day, but something about him gave me a warm cozy comfy feeling inside. I have never ever felt that way towards anyone, and from that day on I always wanted to be around him.

He proposed. It was my birthday, and we usually go out to dinner. I kinda had a hunch he would he would propose…he never gels his hair for no reason. That feeling grew even stronger when he pulled up to a very high end restaurant except we ended up circling it 50 times because it was a weekend in downtown Naperville. After our stomachs growling for 20 minutes and calling to find out they have an hour wait time, we settled on going to Red Lobster (them cheddar biscuits though!). All was going great, ordered a couple of drinks, placed our order, and we waited…for like 30 seconds until I got super nauseous. I ended up hanging out in the ladies room, trying not to lose my cookies. I was pretty sick. Back at the table, Eric had my food wrapped to go, and we headed home. That night I laid in bed wondering if he really was going to ask me. Did I just ruin his proposal? Yep. Next morning I was eating my Cheerios and he placed a box in front of me.

We picked Tennesee because it’s one of the first trips we ever took together. It’s beautiful in the fall, not too far from Chicago, and we can bring our 3 dogs with us. :] To choose our wedding date, we closed our eyes and put a finger down on the

We both work a lot, especially Eric. Whenever we have down time, we like to relax and just chill with our dogs Venus, Bella, and Watson. Nothing beats a night cuddled up with Eric and our fur babies.

Photography: StarNoirStudio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow 865-696-5348