Outdoor Micro Wedding

Megan and Brandon – July 13, 2020

Outdoor Micro Wedding

Megan and Brandon chose to have an outdoor micro wedding at Chapel in the Hollow for our second wedding of July 13, 2020. They brought her parents and their puppers – Savage and Marlin. You might be able to tell from their names that he is a gunsmith.  Brandon’s ring is made from a Jack Daniels whiskey barrel and was almost as pretty as Megan’s. I think you’re going to agree that these two are super cute!! Congratulations Megan and Brandon!

From the Bride:

Brandon and I were matched up by my sister, Morgan and my now brother-in-law, Ross. Brandon and Ross were platoon buddies, and were deployed to GTMO together. He lived in the Western Ohio area, and I lived in southeast Indiana. Two different worlds, and two different people that had the misfortune of looking for love in the wrong places.

We first met at his army family day picnic in June of 2017. He didn’t seem to be interested, and other people started talking to me. Eventually though he came around and said we could leave. Our plan was to go see a movie together, Spider-Man. While on the way to the theater, he drove us through his hometown, and began pointing out landmarks from his childhood. On the way back, we got lost heading towards Indiana, and he quickly learned that I’m terrible giving directions. We were lost in the country, watching free fireworks shows along the way. We talked and got to know one another. It was a special night.

In October of 2018, we went on a road trip to Orlando, Florida. We both wanted to visit Harry Potter world in Universal Studios, and they also have a Halloween event. We both had a blast, and when it was time to head back, the car ride felt like an eternity. Sleep deprived, crabby, and hungry is a nice way of putting my mood. As we approached Kentucky (almost home!) Brandon informed me his parents were coming over. All I wanted to do was go home and sleep, so I threw a fit. As we approached Indiana, and my parents house I noticed there were a few cars in the driveway. I recognized his parents, and my grandparents. What was going on? I walked through the front door, and immediately noticed the spaghetti dinner on the table. I was just about to take a bite of some garlic bread, and was interrupted by everyone telling me to come into the living room. Dragging my feet, I reluctantly went and tried sitting down. Brandon came over and tried getting me to stand up, as I did he began getting down on one knee. I was in complete shock, and nervously started shaking my head. Everyone thought I was saying “no” (They still tease me) so I quickly muttered a “yes”. Even though I was in a terrible mood, he still wanted to be with me. That is love.  I can’t wait to spend my life with you, and see where our future takes us.

We chose Tennessee for our wedding because our first vacation today was in Tennessee, along with my sister and brother-in-law. We both have been coming here since we were young and enjoy the atmosphere and scenery.

I most looked forward to experiencing a beautiful moment shared between the two of us. And the scenery was breath taking !! Felt like a living in a woodland fairytale.

On July 13th 2017, we went out to eat at Cracker Barrel (one of my favorite places!). Brandon seemed a little off, and slightly nervous. I asked what was wrong and that’s when he officially muttered the words “will you go out with me?”.

We quickly found out we had a TON of similarities. From listening to Michael Jackson music, zombie preparedness, Harry Potter, supporting and practicing the second amendment, hiking/camping,and so much more!

Outdoor Micro WeddingOutdoor Micro Weddingdog weddingOutdoor Micro WeddingOutdoor Micro WeddingOutdoor Micro Wedding

Chapel Florals: Chapel in the Hollow
Wedding Dress: Country Outfitter
Menswear: Wrangler
Shoes: Ariat and Corral Boots
Rings: Etsy and Rustic & Main
Hair and Makeup: Erin from Fringe Salon and Spa
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

Outdoor micro weddings are a unique way for an outdoorsy couple to celebrate surrounded by nature. You can get some great ideas for your nature wedding by checking out some of our previous weddings. We have lots of info to help with your planning like pricing, where to get your marriage license, and pros and cons of DIYing your wedding.

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