Mountain Wedding – Ashley and Chris

Ashley and Chris – September 24, 2020

Mountain Wedding

Ashley and Chris joined us today from Georgia for their mountain wedding. We got lucky and only had light rain which meant gorgeous light although it does get dim a little earlier. They are expecting a baby in December — eeeeek, how exciting!! Ashley was rocking a beautiful glittery dress that made her look luminous, and Chris’s outfit was a fantastic complement to it. Congratulations, Ashley and Chris!!!

From the Bride:

We met each other through work. We worked for different 911 services and worked the same nightshift. We met each other at one of the local hospitals and hit it off from there. We began texting every day until Chris asked me out on our first date. After our first date, we have been inseparable since. When people say you will know they are the one and its true. I knew Chris was the one from the day we met, I did not tell him that at the time because I didn’t want to seem crazy. He knows now how I felt and he felt the same too. We are currently expecting a baby boy in December, and I have the honor to be a bonus Mom to his little girl. Our little family means everything to us, and now we are making it forever official.

The first date was a breakfast date at Waffle House after a long 12-hour shift working on the ambulance. We were both exhausted from the night before and I know I looked a hot mess. He still told me I looked beautiful. We sat and talked for 2 hours before getting up and going outside. That’s when things got awkward, I wanted a goodbye hug and I wouldn’t have minded a kiss but I chickened out and said “alright see ya later!” and hopped in my truck and left. I apologized later for being awkward but he didn’t mind, he said it was cute. Our second date and the river I finally got my kiss, and I didn’t act awkward this time!

Chris proposed on Fathers Day weekend. He went camping with my family and me at Lake Blackshear. We spent the day kayaking and boat riding and having a delicious cookout. I was told before the camping trip by my dad that we are taking family pictures at sunset on the sandy beach. Little did I know it was going to be one of the best days of my life. Chris made sure my whole family was there and when I was facing the sunset taking a picture with his daughter he was behind me on one knee. I turned around to the surprise of my life. We were so happy and my family was too. We spent the evening fishing, and I was on cloud nine.

I chose East Tennessee because I saw a mutual friend on Facebook get married up there and fell in love with the venue immediately. I’m most excited for doing a first look with my future husband and father, and that I’M GETTING TO MARRY MY SOULMATE!!

We love to stay at home and watch movies. We both love spending quality time together, so as long as we are together it doesn’t matter what we are doing. Typical date night includes trying new restaurants and just spending time together laughing.

Mountain WeddingMountain WeddingMountain WeddingMountain WeddingMountain WeddingMountain WeddingMountain WeddingMountain Wedding

Dress: David’s Bridal
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

A mountain wedding can be a gorgeous way to say, “I do!” Celebrate with us!! Check out our pricing and availability to see if we are a good fit for you. 865-696-5348