Leslie and Colby Intimate Wedding Chapel Pigeon Forge Cades Cove

Leslie and Colby – June 29, 2019

Leslie and Colby joined us on June 29th to say their “I do”s.  Most of our couples seem to come from the surrounding states, but these two and their families are from around the Sevier County area–a couple of them even own property just a few minutes away from us! Leslie chose a gorgeous non-traditional dress that looked amazing amidst the greenery, and Colby went for a simple look with a white dress shirt and jeans. Leslie’s friend made her adorable bouquet, and her sister-in-law made the lovely naked cake you see sitting on Sarah’s table which is getting another workout.  Congratulations to Leslie and Colby!! 

From the bride:
We actually knew each other while I was in high school. however, we didn’t ever talk or anything. We had mutual friends and come to find out he had asked them about me multiple times. I moved in with that mutual friend, and shortly after, we had a conversation about Colby. That, of course, led to me asking if he was still in his long term relationship. He just so happened to have ended that relationship the August before which was coincidently around the same time as my divorce. We hit it off in the first week. He told me he was not interested in a relationship, but I knew by his words and actions that he wasn’t serious about that. We had our first date of many, and we haven’t stopped living this amazing life since.

Our first date was actually him driving me around to the dragon and around Townsend. We both worked a lot, and it was 11 o clock at night. He had just drove to Seymour and washed his car, and we were texting. He said he was about to take a drive, and, of course, I was super jealous which I told him. Well, about 5 minutes later, he was like “I’ll be at your house in 5 minutes if you wanna go along.” So I hurried and got ready, and he was waiting in the driveway. That night was only the forefront, I guess, of how hilarious our relationship would be. About 5 minutes from the house, we got pulled over and the cop asked where we were heading. Of course, Colby being as sarcastic as he was, he said, “Well, the Dragon, of course.” The cop then preceded to ask why and the same tone he responded with, “ to search for Bigfoot, duh.” Thankfully that cop had a sense of humor also, and told him to slow down and be careful. This was the best experience to tell.

He proposed. I had always told him I wanted to get a Maine Coon cat. I said I need one of those before we get married. I had been at work that day, and he was “working” and said he would be having a really late day. Well, I, of course, just assumed they had some big job. I came home from work and went over to my mother-in-law’s to visit with her and my brother and sister-in-law. I was just wasting time until our date that night after he got home from work. Well, he finally got home from work, and we went on our date . It was the perfect meal, and on the way home, we stopped at a gas station then went on home. We walked inside, and there was my Maine Coon. He was sitting in a cage just waiting on me to come home. While at the gas station, Colby had texted my sister-in-law to bring the cat over to the house and have him waiting. (So sweet, I know). He had driven all the way to North Carolina to adopt him. His name tag read “Marry me, Leslie.”

We chose the location because Tennessee is home and Seymour is how we came to know each other. My first wedding was big and full of family and friends, but on our wedding day, I was looking forward to having a small intimate wedding that was all about us.

For fun, we drive. This is what brought us together. We drove all over Townsend, Seymour, Knoxville and Maryville. Just sightseeing. And talking. It gave him distraction to drive, of course, and it sparked conversations easier. We love going to the dragon and we live on the lake so we love going out on the lake and fishing.

Hair and Makeup: Bride
Florals: Bride’s Friend
Cake: Sister-In-Law
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

chapelinthehollow@gmail.com 865-696-5348