Elisabeth and Josh’s Baby Bump Session

Elisabeth and Josh November 9, 2019

Elisabeth and Josh joined us for a maternity shoot to show off her glow and her baby bump. Baby Hank is expected in December. I’m going to have to start suggesting more 10am photo shoots and weddings… this lighting is incredible!!!

From Elisabeth:
He’s from Colorado and spent a mixture of years with his parents in Thailand as they were missionaries. He moved to Nashville in 2015 as did I! I’m from East Tennessee, and through school and travel I too made my way to Nashville (again) in 2015.  We met in 2016, and after our first date, Josh was hooked! After a few more dates so was I. We dated for a year and were engaged for a year. Josh proposed to me in a private setting at a park near our house after a fancy dinner. He was going to propose at dinner, but he says the moment was never right. Obviously I said yes! We were engaged for a year and found out we were pregnant on our one year anniversary!! We decided to do a “staycation” for our one year anniversary. We had a relaxing day full of a fancy mud spa and  couples massage, then went to lunch. After lunch and throughout the day, I had heartburn. There was something bothering me and at about 9:00 at night Josh and I went to our local grocery store and got a $1.00 pregnancy test. There were two pink lines, and Josh couldn’t believe it. He made me take another one that says “pregnant or not pregnant.”  It too showed pregnant! We weren’t planning or expecting this— so we have been nervous, excited and expectant ever since that night! 

Hair and Makeup by Elisabeth
Dress from Walmart Marketplace
Photography by Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

chapelinthehollow@gmail.com 865-696-5348