Intimate Wedding Ideas – Kelly and Chad

Kelly and Chad – June 27, 2020

Intimate Wedding Ideas

Trying to come up with some intimate wedding ideas? Check this out Our second wedding June 27th was Kelly and Chad, and they have. They are creating a family of five, and their kids were adorable! Chad had a fun, laid back vibe with his outfit, and Kelly was strutting her stuff in that perfectly pouffy dress. She created all of the bouquets and boutonnieres herself–I was super impressed. Congratulations Kelly and Chad!

From the Bride:

We were introduced through a mutual friend and began chatting online and over the phone. He worked off during the week and only had some weekends home. Which was pretty tough. But every weekend he was off he made special time for me. It was hard balancing everything at first, but eventually we got into a pattern and began dating and seeing each other pretty regularly. He made sure I was a top priority in his life and has always made sure of that. From day one. Our first date was to Leathas BBQ in Petal followed by a movie. Simple and sweet. It wasn’t long after that I knew he was the one for me. The emotional connection was more than I ever expected. Something I never experienced. Something I have always wanted. It was more than a physical connection. Early on in the relationship we went thru a lot. More than most married couples.. lots of trials and snags in the road. But we have managed to overcome it all and become stronger in the process of it. I am forever thankful for finding such an amazing father to our children, he has always went above and beyond for us. I am looking to spending forever with him.

The proposal was absolutely amazing and a total surprise. Being a photographer, I wanted family pictures of all of us together and planning it around weekends when we had all the kids together and his work schedule was hard. I booked 2 different photographers, and weather and his schedule messed it up a few times. I wanted it so bad but it would never would out for us. So it was literally planned within a few hours trying to fight the rain moving in and him driving 2 hours home. My best friend was adamant about getting them done and taking them for me. So I gathered clothes, got everyone ready and headed to a pecan field down the road. I took a few pictures of the kids, and once it was ready to snap a few of the whole family I positioned us as best I could and hoped for the best! Somewhere in the chaos of things she slipped him the zales box with my engagement ring. She positioned us and in one of the pictures she snapped he was holding the box. I still had no clue. Even after glancing at the picture after. I was making sure the kids looked good and my hair was decent lol. Had NO clue he was holding it. The next set of pictures she positioned us again and thats when he was behind me down on one knee. So, once I thought the picture was over I turned around and there he was. Down on one knee, our children there a few feet away… i was in complete shock, the kids realized what was happening and started crying their eyes out, which made chad lose it. He could barely talk and say what he had planned to say. He was only able to get a sentence or two out! He was in tears, as was I… the kids were so happy they were in tears too. I don’t know if I even said yes, because I was crying so much. But we both knew it was a match made in heaven. I knew very early on I wanted to spend forever with him. He is an amazing man, great with my son, great father figure and a damn good father to his girls which he has custody of.

I knew I wanted a small, simple wedding, with it being our second each. After looking online it didn’t take long to choose our location. I saw the chapel in the hollow and literally said its the one. I booked several months out and locked in the date. We had plans for family and friends to travel, and was looking forward to everyone being there.

A couple months went by and covid became an issue. I was worried and stressing out as the weeks went by. Contemplating on canceling or moving numerous times.. we watched it as it continued to get worse. Literally everything was shutting down. Which was heartbreaking to watch unfold. Not knowing if we would be forced to cancel or move the wedding, we thought about pushing it due to travel issues for friends and family. But after talking with friends and family, they understood the circumstances and were very accepting of our decision to go ahead with it.

I am looking forward to seeing his face as he sees me for the first time in my dress. And my son walking me down the aisle. We are a very tight knit family and I know emotions will play a big roll in the wedding.

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Hair and Makeup: Sheer Envy
Cake: Publix Super Market at Valley Forge Shopping Center
Rings: Zales
Shoes: Pierre Dumas and Ariat
Menswear: Buckle
Chapel Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Bouquets and Boutonnieres: Bride
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Videography: Chapel in the Hollow

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