Gatlinburg Elopement – Jordan and Jeremy

Jordan and Jeremy December 9, 2019
Gatlinburg Elopement

Jordan and Jeremy joined us all the way from Florida for their sweet weekday wedding. He played the guitar and sang a song for her during the ceremony—it was so lovely! They vacation in this area yearly so it was the perfect place for them to celebrate their love and have their Gatlinburg elopement. Congratulations Jordan and Jeremy!!

From the Bride: 
Jeremy and I met April of 2013 on Jeremy messaged me first, and we began playful banter almost immediately. We would text for hours nonstop, and never became bored of our conversations. We continued to talk for about a month prior to our first date.

After a month of conversing, we went on a double date to the Brass Tap and spent the night laughing over a couple drinks. We enjoyed each other until the wee hours of the night and parted ways with a respectful hug. We went on a few more double dates until we had our first alone date at the movies, and finally shared our first kiss.

Our proposal was a perfect description of who we are. It was romantic, playful, and perfectly simple. We purchased our first home together a year prior to the engagement. Throughout the year we lived in the home, we often found ourselves drawn to the rocking chairs on our front porch. We would retire to the front porch for a cup of coffee after dinner nearly every night (with the exception of the extremely warm summer nights in Florida). We would sit on the porch talking about our day, anything, and nothing at all. It was our special piece of heaven. On our 5th year dating anniversary, Jeremy invited me out to the front porch for our usual nightly time together and he had music playing while we rocked on our chairs. He pulled a handmade card out of his pocket that he put together with construction paper, paste, and pictures he printed of us throughout the years. On the back of the card he had attached a couple plastic rings and asked me to marry him (He also gave me a real ring). It was absolutely perfect. The song he had playing talked about growing old together, and going through the phases of life together. I knew in that very moment, that there was nothing else that I would rather do for the rest of my life.

Every year we take a vacation to the Smokey Mountains alone. It is our time to get away from the business of life, and share uninterrupted quality time together. We contemplated going somewhere new for our wedding, but ultimately the magic of the smokey mountains felt like home for our love story. The smokey mountains is truly our home away from home, and our other special place.

We are looking forward to a stress-free way to outwardly celebrate our love and matrimony. We are looking forward to celebrating in a way that supports our laid back, low key lifestyle. We chose the date as kind of a joke. We noticed the trend of getting married on unconventional days, so we thought it would be funny to get married on the most unconventional day of the week. What a perfect cure to the “case of the mondays”!

Our typical fun night involves watching some sort of True Crime TV, having a bonfire on our 10 acre slice of heaven, playing guitar (Jeremy), and cooking something delicious. We are very laid back and enjoy the company of a few close friends, and our families. We enjoy hosting game night and often have dinner with our folks.

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