Forest Micro Wedding – Katie and Blake

Katie and Blake – August 22, 2021

Forest Micro Wedding

Katie and Blake brought their families to us for their forest micro wedding today. They dressed the chapel in blush and champagne fabric with the sunflower florals. She and her grandma created the bouquet and rest of the florals. She looked gorgeous in that fluffy dress, and he looked very dapper in his grey vest. These two were so obviously in love that it was beautiful to see. Congratulations, Katie and Blake!!
From the Bride:
We met on and I was the first one to message him, even though he will say it doesn’t count because it was just hey 😂
Our first date was at Texas Roadhouse and for me it was love at first site when I saw his big grey f-350 truck, haha. He was wearing this oversized blue flannel and I could barely get him to talk the whole date and I was like ope well he don’t like me, turns out he was just nervous because he asked for a kiss when we got back to the cars.
He proposed and about gave me a heart attack doing it. We had the ring because my grandma Sylvester gave me her ring that my grandpa had given her for there 10 year wedding anniversary and I always teased Blake that he was never going to be able to surprise me with a proposal. I always figured he would be acting squirrelly or something. One day I pulled in the garage after work, and I work as an operating room nurse in ortho trauma so blood and bones don’t scare me. Anyway, he was standing next to his Jeep (we both have jeeps that we off-road) and he was holding his wrist and there was blood on the towel and floor with a grinder on the ground and a broken disc. I open my car door and ask what happened and he said he cut himself with the grinder and I get out of my car and walk over, and slowly started peeling the towel off because the blood was so red I thought it was arterial, nurse in me. As I was looking he managed to get down on one knee and pulled a ring out and said will you marry me. I then proceeded to say f$@& you and started crying, he then said I take that as a yes and I said yes. I literally thought he was going to die. He somehow managed to film it to.
We love the mountains and love taking our jeeps to the mountains. It was also Blake’s dad’s favorite place and unfortunately we lost him in 2019 from a brain tumor.
I’m looking forward to just having fun with family and marrying my best friend in our favorite area the mountains/forest.
I wanted it to be the 23rd because that’s Blake and I’s lucky number since our first day was October 23, 2017, but mom wanted it on the weekend for guest so we compromised. My birthday is the 20th so figured wedding and birthday would be fun to celebrate.
We love building and off-roading/rock crawling our jeeps, it’s what we are doing for our honeymoon. We also love gardening.
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Photography: Star Noir Studio
Rings: Grandma / Modern Gent
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Hair and Makeup: Southern Sirens
Jewelry: Etsy
Venue Associate: Elizabeth DeCoursey
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
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