Destination Wedding Near Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Tiffany and Juan’s Wedding March 28, 2019

Tiffany and Juan had a lovely early spring day for their wedding in late March. The birds were chirping, the greens just starting to come in, and the skies were clear. Tiffany had a vivacious personality, and they made such a sweet couple!

From the Bride:

We met on the internet. Neither of us were looking for something serious, so we were both caught by surprise by how very serious we were about each other. We talked online for weeks before agreeing to meet up for dinner. I’m so glad we went for it!

We went out for the first time on February 13, not even thinking about Valentine’s Day! We met at a noodle place called Pho King Noodles and sat and talked for forever. Luckily for us, there was a movie theater next door and we decided to catch a movie, too. It was still early for the movie, so we sat out in my car and listened to each other’s Spotify playlists. When he decided then that we were going to share playlists and make one big one for the both of us, I kinda knew. After the movie, I was driving us back to the noodle place, and I hit a curb… we still talk about that part. Haha!

Juan proposed! It was a lazy Sunday morning and we had slept in late and laid in the bed talking and cutting up and laughing all morning. Then he gets a look, and asks me if he could read something that he wrote for me. There were tears, of course, and the moment couldn’t have been more perfect.

We live in Tennessee, but we love to hike and spend time in the woods. A woodsy wedding was perfect for us. On our wedding day, I am most looing forward to marrying my best friend! And photos! I’m excited to have beautiful pictures of our day. Choosing our date was completely random. I asked Juan to pick a day of the week and he says Thursday. After that, it was just picking the right time to leave for a few days.

We love to hike and be out in nature! We also like to paint and hide rocks on our hikes. A typical date night is spent seeing new movies, or even grabbing a bite to eat and coming home to binge watch our newest show.

Chapel florals by Melissa Timm Designs
Bouquet by the Bride
Rings from
Wedding Dress from
Shoes from Target
Photography by Star Noir Studio
Venue Chapel in the Hollow

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