Boho Forest Wedding – Katie and Jonathan

Katie and Jonathan – September 28, 2020

Boho Forest Wedding

For our first celebration on September 28, 2020, Katie and Jonathan brought their families and friends to their super chill mini boho forest wedding. Katie was barefoot and lovely in this dress from David’s Bridal, and Jonathan was rocking one of our favorite fall colors, maroon. These two were down for anything, and we got to try out something a little new. 😉 Congratulations, Katie and Jonathan!!
From the Bride:
My sister dated Jonathan’s best friend for around six years. We’ve actually known each other since 2012, but started dating in 2017. I was only 16 when we all started hanging out and he was 19. We were both in a relationship until 2017, and we just decided to start talking to each other more once we were both single. I was working at Starbucks as an opening shift manager, so I was waking up around 3:30 every morning. We attempted to have a movie date, but I fell asleep ten minutes into the movie. Oops.
There actually wasn’t a proposal. We have a two year old daughter. We ended up getting pregnant early into our relationship, and we’ve been focusing on raising her the last few years. We bought our very first house together in March, and we just decided we felt like this was the year to do it.
We both love the mountains and we’re big outdoor people. We wanted something small and intimate (away from our hometown), and we also really needed a vacation. I’ve never been big into the idea of a big wedding. I’ve heard too many people say that it never actually feels like it’s about them once their wedding day is all said and done. I wanted something to look back on without a single regret. We are most looking forward to being surrounded by our favorite people, and also seeing everyone look so fancy. We’re not the type of group to dress up, so we’re in for a treat.
We like to dance. Nothing serious, but dance parties happen often in our house. We’re also the hosts for everything. We have our friends over almost every Saturday for sport events or to celebrate anything and everything. We don’t have many date nights, but if we do, it usually consists of food and a movie of some sort. Jonathan is a BIG movie person.
Boho Forest WeddngBoho Forest WeddngBoho Forest WeddngBoho Forest WeddngBoho Forest WeddngBoho Forest WeddngBoho Forest Weddng
Chapel Florals: Chapel in the Hollow
Dress: Galina Signature from David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Roolee
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
Are you looking for some laidback barefoot fun? Maybe a boho forest wedding is for you! Check out our pricing and availability to see if we might be able to help celebrate. 🙂 865-696-5348