Ashley and Justin Elopement Gatlinburg Smoky Mountains Wedding Chapel

Ashley and Justin – May 25, 2019

You probably know I’m always a big fan of the non-traditional wedding dress, and today is no exception. When today’s first bride, Ashley, showed up in this two-piece beauty, I got extra excited, and they decorated the chapel with a cowhide and longhorn skull because their family raises longhorns! Congratulations Ashley and Justin!!

From the bride:
Justin worked for my brother’s mowing and landscaping company when I first moved to Indiana from Kansas. We became friends by association and spent a lot of time together via card nights, days on the lake, concerts, parties, and numerous other mutual friend shenanigans. We met the summer of 2013 and didn’t start dating until the Spring of 2017.

There wasn’t really ever a first typical date. It all started with movie nights, eating pizza, and drinking beer! So romantic! Ha! If I had to choose an actual first “date” it was the night Justin took me to a Jason Aldean Concert in Noblesville, IN. The poor guy was fighting a migraine all night and was too stubborn to leave! Eventually, he threw up (all over the blanket in front of us! gross!) and decided we could finally go home. Men…

Justin proposed! It was May 24th of last year. Our wedding day is exactly one year and one day from our engagement. We bought a house late fall of 2017 and spent most of the winter months painting, remodeling, and updating our old 1887 era farmhouse. We moved in Spring of last year (2018) and spent most weekends staying up well into the night having fun jam sessions and unpacking our belongings. On that particular night, we decided to take a break and do something I’d only ever seen on Pinterest….fill the bed of the truck with pillows and blankets and look at the stars. Next thing I know he’s grabbed my hand and we’re dancing in the driveway. Then, down he went onto one knee (almost knocking me down in the process! ha!) and there was the prettiest little pear shaped diamond I ever did see!

Tennessee actually decided on us! We already had a mini family vacation in Gatlinburg planned with Justin’s side of the family for Memorial Weekend. On a whim, we decided “why not?!”. We immediately started researching venues and decided that Chapel in the Hollow suited us perfectly!

I was most excited that day about marrying my best friend–and so was he!

We enjoy being outside whenever possible! We have 2 dogs (Great Dane and Beagle) that we love to take for walks and let hog our entire bed. Our house is still a work in progress, so we love to tackle house projects together. Days on the lake are the best days. We love bonfires and grilling out. His family is very close (mine is in Kansas which makes it hard), and we have frequent game nights and dinner with them. Dancing in the kitchen (or really wherever) is my fav. Impromptu concerts to Pandora are also a regular occurrence around here!

Chapel Florals: Bride’s Sister-In-Law
Florals: Etsy – Westerwisp
Skirt: Etsy – Make My Dresses
Top: Etsy – Yours and Mine Bridal + Extensive Work by Seamstress
Jeans: Buckle
Hair and Makeup: Sister-In-Law
Bride’s Shoes: Wolf Den
Groom’s Shoes: Tony Lama
Rings: Rogers and Hollands Jewelers
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow 865-696-5348