Amanda and Rob’s Mountain Elopement at Chapel in the Hollow

From the bride:

We met on tinder. We swiped right and matched both times. First time we talked a bit but didn’t exchange numbers. Rob got a new phone and was gone for a while, then we found each other and exchanged numbers. Our first date was really laid back–we just met up to get to know each other. 

Rob waited until after midnight on October 21st which was the sweetest day so that he could propose on October 22nd, 2017. It was my mom’s birthday, and he knew that the number 22 was ver significant in my life.

Rob brought me to Tennessee a couple of months after we first started dating, and I absolutely fell in love with the mountains. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. We looked into a bunch of other destinations for our wedding, but there is just something about the area that feels so warm and comforting. Hopefully, some day we can call it home.

I was excited for everything on our wedding day!! Waking up that morning, going to get my hair and makeup done, the drive to the ceremony, putting on my dress and walking out to see him, holding hands, saying our vows, ring exchange, sharing our first kiss as husband and wife, and pictures to be able to share and have for keepsakes forever!

We had a few dates that we were looking at for our wedding date, but decided on our date because it was best for work. We picked the first Saturday of our vacation. After looking at the date, we noticed that it just ift. 3-9-19. If you put it backwards, 9-1=8 which is the size of our family, and 9-3=6 which is how many kids we have together. 

With six children in sports, etc., we don’t get the opportunity to do very many date nights, but we are perfectly okay with just lounging around watching movies all day, making yummy meals, and sitting around with our fur baby who enjoys it as much as we do. We have fun in just about anything we do whether it’s making food, singing songs in the car, and in-home dance parties where the kids either look at us and roll their eyes or tell us we are cringey. They will all understand one day–there is nothing better than hanging out with your best friend. 


Hair and Makeup: Smoky Mountain Salon and Spa
Dress Store: David’s Bridal
Jewelry: Kay Jewelers
Dress Designer: Galina
Floral Designer: Melissa Timm Designs
Bouquet: Bride
Shoes: Converse
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
Photography: Star Noir Photography 865-696-5348