Winter Elopement – Kevy and Dylan

Kevy and Dylan – January 23, 2021

Winter Elopement

Kevy and Dylan were our first winter elopement on January 23rd. They took advantage of that glorious morning light and came ready to play! They came just the two of them, so we got to spend lots of time getting couple photos, and they looked sooooo cute!! They chose the blush fabric with the blush and marsala flowers which looked fantastic, and it went beautifully with her dress. She brought a solawood floral bouquet that matched wonderfully, and she can keep it forever! Congratulations, Kevy and Dylan!!

From the Bride:

We met through a mutual friend tagging me on Instagram and he saw me and started asking who that girl was. The mutual friend gave me his number and I waited a couple months until I finally had the courage to text him. Our first date was July 28th, 2016.

The first date was bad, lol. I had a horrifyingly bad sunburn and my face was peeling really badly! We went to Starbucks and hung out for as long as we could (he had to go to work and I had just worked an 11 hour shift lol). We got outside and he later told me ‘I thought if she was this pretty with her face peeling, Im happy’ and we both kept waiting to leave because we were too embarrassed for the other to see our clunker cars.

We’re not classically romantic or cheesy. We were planning a little vacation in January and we’ve also been planning to get married for a while. I found you guys and picked a date and went to him and asked ‘hey, since we’ll already be on vacation and it’ll be cold and in the mountains, want to get married when we go? I already picked out the place and date’ and he pulled up his bank account and showed me he had already bought my ring the week before! He was already planning to ask and get married on our trip!

We chose East Tennessee because we love the mountains and try to go in January or February as much as we can for the cold, and we found you and it was perfect!

What are we looking forward to most? He said ‘getting married to you’ Of course I said the same, but I’m also looking forward to finally having professional pictures!

My boss picked the date, lol. It’s right by our 4 and half year anniversary, and my boss turned to me and said ‘it’s 12321!’ So it was perfect.

We both have separate home offices solely for gaming. We play together as much as we can. Beyond that, we love cooking together and trying to get to bed early to read.

Photography: Star Noir Studio
Hair and Makeup: Bride
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

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