Why Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

How to Re-experience your Wedding through Videography

by Austin with Yugen Productions

Why should I hire a wedding videographer??

It flies by when you’re having fun…

It seemingly disappears in the mornings before work…

It changes us…

We all want more, but we can never seem to get enough.

Measured by minutes and experienced in moments.

Moments that we feel, hear, see, smell, and taste.

Moments that mold us.

Moments that connect us.

Moments you’ve dreamt of as a child…

That Cinderella story you’re spending hours planning for….

The wedding day comes and the wedding day goes. For today’s moments are tomorrow’s nostalgia… Our wedding films capture those moments and cinematically encompass your senses, the emotions of love, joy, happiness, anxiety, nervousness, and fulfillment.

Individuals turn into families.

Moments morph into memories; captured, edited, and delivered in a way to fulfill that inevitable nostalgic lust.

Relive those moments gone… only due to that little thing called Time.

We at Yugen Productions brand ourselves on nostalgia because we face it daily. We cherish it, and we understand how powerful it is. We use that feeling as our drive to make your wedding film perfect, with the goal to make you feel your wedding day again -not just watch it.

Wondering what you receive if you add wedding videography to your package?

A 4+ minute beautifully edited, cinematic highlight video of your big day with specially chosen music that fits your wedding. For an additional $150, you can add in a full video of your ceremony. You can see full pricing for the amazing videos created by Yugen Productions on our pricing page.

Find some of the gorgeous videos created by Yugen Productions on our youtube channel. If you need a special package created to cover time at the chapel along with getting ready and reception off site, contact Austin Sorah at austin@yugenproductions.com.

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