Weddings During Covid – Jase and Ben

Jase and Ben – September 7, 2020

Weddings During Covid

Weddings during Covid can be a little nerve wracking. Jase and Ben joined us for our first Labor Day wedding. They were one of the couples who had to reschedule their wedding due to Covid, but they got some great morning light and some lovely weather!! Her smile shined almost as bright as the sun coming through the trees, and that dress was gorgeous with all of the layers of tulle! Congratulations, Jase and Ben!!
From the Bride:
We actually met about 6 years ago online and kind of lost touch just because we were both just immature and not ready for a relationship. Then he randomly messaged me on social media 2 years ago, after not hearing from him for 4 years (I actually didn’t even remember who he was haha!) and we have been inseparable ever since. Our first date was at a park with two of my friends and their 4 kids and it was wonderful, they loved him right off the bat and just assured that I knew he was a keeper. 
He proposed. I actually found out about his original plan. My best friend who is the kind of a Tom boy asked me to go get my nails done and it was kind of a dead give away. He had plans for someone to be there to take pictures and everything and then I busted him. So after that I told him to just do it when the time felt right so the very next day he dropped to one knee as we were walking to dinner. No one around but us. I was so shocked I put the ring on my own finger and never actually said the word yes! Haha! Besides that little slip up, It was perfect.
We decided on East Tennessee because I was looking for tiny places to elope and came across your adorable chapel and knew that it was the perfect place for us. Even though we decided to invite close friends and family we still couldn’t say no to this adorable venue! There’s no significance to the date. My original date was in May and Covid messed that up so we chose September.
As cheesy as it sounds we truly are best friends so anything we decide to do is always an amazing time. We love board games, traveling and honestly anything outdoors.
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Wedding Dress: Juanita’s Fashions
Shoes: CONVERSE and Ariat
Officiant: Jim Trousdale (Bride’s Uncle)
Photography and Videography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

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