Wedding Tip Wednesday – Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos

This #weddingtipwednesday video was inspired by an email I received from a bride yesterday. She was married six months ago and hasn’t printed any of her wedding photos. You might be surprised how common this is. As the days melt into weeks and then months, it’s easy to get bogged down in day to day activities and put off something that you might see as a hassle. I promise you that it’s worth it! One of my most treasured possessions is a photo of my grandparents taken at what I believe was a naval celebration when they were young. It survived a fire, several moves, and the antics of kittens. I look at it every single day, and it makes me smile to see them. You don’t get that from a brief moment of seeing it on a screen. So I urge you to take some time to pick out a few of your photos to print–you never know who they will bring joy to in the future not to mention letting you enjoy them now! 865-696-5348