Tiny Smokey Mountain Weddings – Paige and Aaron

Paige and Aaron – August 16, 2020

Tiny Smokey Mountain Weddings

Tiny Smokey Mountain weddings are the way to go right now! Paige and Aaron postponed their wedding that would have originally happened on the evening of the 15th because of the storms we had rolling through the area. They brought their friends and family to us for our first wedding today at 10am this morning when the lighting was glorious, and the temperatures were somewhat cool. She looked lovely and fresh for their first look, and she had some super adorable bridesmaids. Paige’s father and stepfather both walked her down the aisle toward her soon-to-be husband. Yellow is her favorite color so she included sunflowers in her homemade bouquets. She and Aaron were getting so hot and steamy that her glasses kept fogging up. 😉 Congratulations, Paige and Aaron!!


From the Bride:

We actually met on a dating site, and were not embarrassed ???? he’s from Mississippi, and was a traveling lineman and somehow made his way to Ohio. We talked for a few months until one evening he called me and invited me out. I refused! I wanted no part in someone who would just be leaving to go back home when I had no intentions of leaving. After an hour of trying, my niece, who was 8 at the time, told me “you might as well just go!” So off I went!


I picked him up, since he had flown north from his last job site and didn’t have a vehicle, and it was like we had known each other forever. We instantly started making jokes! We went to a local honky tonk and ended up meeting some friends of mine. After, he took me to a midnight dinner where his card declined. I was not impressed, but I bought him dinner. He insisted on a second date to “pay me back” and to actually get the chance to talk, and I knew then that I’d never again be going on another first date! Since then, he’s helped me build my relationship with my family and God, hes shown me a side of life I could have never seen on my own, he’s been everything I’ve ever prayed for.

Aaron proposed to me. We had a trip planned to go see his family in Mississippi, and he asked my mom and step dad to come, since I was so close with them and he wanted the families to meet before we went further in the relationship. When my parents arrived in the south, I took my mom to the store and when I came back to his parents house, the song “I prayed for you” (which is the song he played me after we first met) was playing and both of our entire families were standing around staring at me! When I looked around I saw balloons spelling out ‘marry me’ with him on one knee! It was such a beautiful proposal surrounded by both of our families!

With our families living so far apart, this is perfectly in the middle of both families to bring everyone together at a beautiful, happy meeting place! Gatlinburg was always our family get-away and I was able to introduce Aaron to this amazing place and we’ve both been In love since! We looked at so many venues, and when we found this we knew we had to book it that night!
I’m most looking forward to seeing Aaron’s face when he sees me in my dress, and to allow my nieces (who are basically our daughters) to see the true definition of love and unity in God that he brings to our lives!

We love spending time with family and being on the boat! Typical date nights are sushi dates or spur of the moment picnics! And of course Sunday at cracker barrel!
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Chapel Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Bouquets and Boutonnieres: Bride
Wedding Dress: Amazon.com
Bridesmaid Dresses: Amazon.com
Menswear: Amazon.com
Shoes: Old Navy
Rings: Amazon.com
Officiant: Penny Montefusco
Photography/Videography: Star Noir Studio
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