Spring Micro Wedding – Lisa and Wayne

Lisa and Wayne – May 17, 2021

Spring Micro Wedding

Lisa and Wayne joined us today for their spring micro wedding. They dressed the chapel in lavender fabric with our blue and yellow florals. She looked gorgeous in her open backed dress, and I loved the striping on his vest! Wayne’s mom was such a sweetie — I just wanted to pack her up and take her home with me. We found some cute blue flowers in the field that worked amazing with the colors, and we couldn’t have had more perfect weather. Congratulations, Lisa and Wayne!!

From the Bride:

Lisa worked as the office manager for a local Chiropractor & one September day in 2016, Wayne walked into the office. Lisa was about 10 months out from a hard breakup & not even looking for a date, much less a new relationship. However, by the first of November, she noticed that she was enjoying the times that Wayne had appointments in the office. She looked forward to seeing him & wanted to talk with him more every time he came around. To Lisa, he was good looking, kind, a good communicator & seemed like a really great guy! It was hard to look him in the face & not stare at his muscles. Lol. This was a secret she kept, because he was a patient & Lisa knew there was a professional line that she should not cross. A few days before Thanksgiving, her coworker, April, mentioned how handsome Wayne was & that she thought the two of them would be a good couple. Lisa kinda laughed it off, denying what she really felt every time Wayne was around. The next day, April said something again & Lisa fessed up & told April that she really liked Wayne. However, Lisa figured that a man as good looking & as nice as Wayne would definitely have a girlfriend. So, Lisa & April hatched a plan to feel Wayne out about the subject….

During his next visit, April asked Wayne if he was taking his girlfriend Black Friday shopping. His reply, “nah, I don’t have a girlfriend.” Lisa was listening from the front office & was quietly cheering! In the coming days, hints was dropped about seeing a new movie, but Wayne didn’t ask. Discussions took place about different restaurants but again Wayne didn’t ask. Lisa was convinced that Wayne wasn’t interested in her & told April that she was giving up on him because Wayne Shrewsbury didn’t even know that she was alive!

Low & behold, on December 5, Lisa received a friend request on Facebook. It was from Wayne. They began communicating each evening & Wayne asked Lisa to dinner & a movie. Lisa was thrilled, but concerned about the professionalism of it all. She discussed the invitation with her boss & was given the green light to go on the date. After all, it was only one date.

The date was set for Dec. 11. Lisa was so scared that her friend Dawn had to coach her & encourage her over the phone the entire drive to where they were scheduled to meet. Nerves almost caused Lisa to turn around & stand Wayne up. Dawn convinced her to keep going, so she did. Once Lisa met Wayne, she was trembling. He could tell she was very nervous & laid his hand across her back & told her everything was going to be okay. Within 5 minutes of sitting down, Lisa was at ease & got lost in Wayne’s brown eyes. Conversation flowed, laughs were shared & after dinner, Wayne asked if he could kiss her. Lisa had been wanting to kiss Wayne for quite sometime & she said, “yes, please…” After that gentle kiss, Lisa had to choke back tears. It was the best, most special kiss she had ever shared with anyone before.

It was months later before Wayne told Lisa that he always noticed her & was definitely interested in her, but that he had also been hurt & he was scared to put himself out there again. Wayne & Lisa became inseparable, sharing many magical times together over the coming years & had some tough times too. They took things very slow, scared of being hurt again, making communication a priority & becoming closer to God through attending church together.

Fast forward to August 2019. It was our second vacation to Pigeon Forge. Wayne took Lisa to the top of Clingman’s Dome & popped the question. Of course, she said yes & people who witnessed the proposal were cheering & one man even snapped a photo to share with us. It was amazing!

It only made sense to get married here & honeymoon where we become engaged. We’re very excited about tying the knot at Chapel in the Hollow & beginning our new life together!

For me, I’m most looking forward to when Wayne sees me coming down the aisle. I want to take his breath away! I’m very excited to exchange vows & seal our commitment to one another before God. I am also very much looking forward to time with friends & family, photo time & seeing all the pics afterwards.

For Wayne, he is looking forward to saying “I Do” in knowing that he can spend the rest of his life with Lisa, making vows before God, to pledge himself to Lisa, & see her blue eyes light up when he puts the ring on her finger. Wayne looks forward to taking in the nature & sites of TN, having our friends & family present to witness the wedding & to have a happy future. May is our most favorite month of the year. We love the bright, new greens of springtime!

We’re very simple people. We enjoy our family, our pets & spending time at home on our porch. We love to watch birds come to our feeders & to work around the house beautifying our home & property. We love to take drives together, fish & just talking & spending time together. Our dates usually consist of eating at a local favorite restaurant, Dolly’s Diner & watching movies at a local vintage theater, The Ritz. Our home state of WV is a beautiful state & we love to go to parks & walk trails. Unless Wayne is working, people rarely see one of us without the other.

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Chapel Florals: Chapel in the Hollow
Bouquet and Boutonniere: Bride and Daughter
Dress: Galina from David’s Bridal
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Menswear: Seville Row and Van Heusen
Rings: Kay Jewelers
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Hair and Makeup: Advantage Hair Salon ~ Day Spa
Venue Associate: Elizabeth DeCoursey
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

Are you ready to start planning your spring micro wedding?? We’d love to help you celebrate!! Check out our calendar to see all of our available dates.

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