Smoky Mountain Elopement with Kristy and James

Kristy and James November 23, 2019

Kristy and James joined us for our second wedding to celebrate their Smoky Mountain elopement on November 23, 2019. I thought we were going to be lucky and not get any more rain, but I was wrong, lol. However, it created that gorgeous mood lighting so… worth it?? What could be prettier than the person you love at a sweet little wedding chapel on a cloudy day?

Let me warn you, this man has a way with words. His info sheet with the story of how they met was so beautifully descriptive–I can’t wait to share it in their blog post! They wrote their own vows, and he described her as having curves that would make a Tennessee backroad jealous. And, he sang for her!! Congratulations Kristy and James!!

From the Groom:

In a room full of faces, low lights and cover songs, she strolled in dressed to kill, with frosty golden locks and clicking heels. Her jeans wear painted on every curve, because there’s no other way they’d accommodate such a figure. Her lips were red and lush and kept my focus until she smiled and forced my glance northward to a set of eyes that Vogue would love to post on March’s Cover. They were consuming, like staring into a bonfire with no place else to go. Like time stood still if only for a second. I broke the stare to collect myself only to find that she’d been consumed by the crowd, the music and the atmosphere. I wondered. I waited. I watched. Every second felt like ten. I had to know. Excusing myself, I headed to the bar for a “drink” only to find myself glancing across the laughter and bar chatter. Perhaps I needed to go to the “restroom”? Scanning the room as I headed out of the semi crowded room, knowing that the restrooms were close in proximity, I walked slow and studied the Show Posters and art in the room. Where could she be? Was she even real? Something that magnificent? I walked in and did my business, washed and left. Knowing well, by now she’d bump into me. Nothing! Nope! Nada!  

The night moved on. The crowd grew thin and the music grew tired and slowly went away. 

On to another stage another dwelling where sober begins and stiff drinks end, there came a laughter from the corner of the room. Could it be? Glancing, but not staring, I check the crowded table in the corner and, YES! Again, at-last . I once again feast my eyes upon the most beautiful thing that I do believe I’ve ever seen! Have you ever imagined as a child looking upon a Majestic Unicorn? Full knowing that they never existed but, what if? What if just once you had that chance? I would take it! 

And friends let me tell you, just as gracefully as that beautiful creature walked into my presence…. 

I was able to watch it gracefully leave. Clip, clop, clip, clop, clip, clop. With every stride, her voluptuousness glided with. The wind created by her arms swinging by her side caused her jacket tails to move to and fro. The curls she worked intently on that night did just as she planned as they sprang from low to mid cheek and just as she turned the corner to make the few short step to pass me, she lifted her head lightly shifting her locks to the side and out of the way of those piercing emerald eyes. Then she gave me one last fiery glare as her lips lifted, stretched wide and shifted her cheeks upward as to whisper, “Wanna?” And Man! Did I ever? 

In less than a week, she was mine. 

Our first “True Date” was a concert. She bought the Tickets and he sang along in her ear while wrapping his arms around her waist. The happiest either of us had been in years.

He proposed at our favorite, The Log House. Dinner was perfect. The whole thing was recorded as he handed her a canvas that he’d painted the lyrics “Always remember there was nothing worth sharing, Like the Love that let us share our Name”. He dropped to one knee and awaited those words and to his life’s longing for her she embraced him with a yes and a soft kiss. 

We decided on a Smoky Mountain elopement in Tennessee because of the promise of a crisp fall day on a dry erase board. 

I (James) can’t wait to see the surrounding beauty of the mountains try to compete with the most beautiful woman in the world. I hope the mountains understand what they’re up against.

Ripe in age and young at heart we like to do a variety of things. Ranging from Concerts, to Motorcycle Rides to Random Adventures on the road and off. We enjoy one another. I think that’s what keeps things alive. We don’t really collect anything but we’ve got several pictures of our journey that we treasure. She likes the movies a lot. Sometimes the back row and a blanket is all we need. Usually starts as a nice dinner which we try to switch up as much as possible.

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Chapel Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Bouquet and Bout: Petals Florist and Giftshop
Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet from David’s Bridal
Menswear: Ralph Lauren from Macy’s
Rings: P.R. Sturgill Fine Jewelry and Kay Jewelers
Cake: Cakes by Bakin’ Bishop
Hair and Makeup: Whitney Evans Beauty
Jewelry: David’s Bridal and Etsy
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

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