Rainy Mountain Elopement – Allyson and Jason

Allyson and Jason – February 13, 2021

Mountain Elopements

Allyson and Jason joined us on this cold, drizzly day for their rainy mountain elopement. She said being a teacher has caused her to become a bargain hunter, and she found a great deal on this gorgeous dress from Shein!! Jason surprised her with this beautiful wedding ring set, and we think he did a great job picking it out. She looked so lovely, and they were super cute together! Congratulations, Allyson and Jason!

From the Bride:

I tried to write a cute story about how Jason and I met, but we met at Chuck-E-Cheese (at a friend I’m no longer friends with daughter’s birthday), so that was no good. 😉 So I decided to write it my way…. 

Football. Coffee. The smell of a fire burning. Friends. Family. A good laugh. That’s about all we have in common. I could care less about plans, and he is pretty organized at all times. I’m a mess-maker.  Organized-chaos is my middle name. And that’s just a couple of our differences.  Oh, and okay, I can’t say he doesn’t plan, he will plan a fishing trip at a moment’s notice. I’m also convinced he plans ways to annoy me. For example, a month before the wedding I ask him what he is planning to wear. His answer was “overalls and my work boots.” I respond, “ You don’t have enough chest hair for that.” He says, “I’m wearing a shirt underneath.” It’s that constant annoyance by him and all we’ve been through and came out on top of (a whole lot of things these past three years that should have torn us apart) that  make me proud to call this man my husband in this beautiful place. The truth is, he’s never been to the Smokies and I came several times as a kid so it’s special because of that. My kids love him. It doesn’t hurt that his kids love me. I’m looking forward to a wonderfully imperfect life together from this day forward as husband and wife (I knew it would get sappy at some point). If you happen to read this… I love you Jason so very much babe. Thanks for putting up with me forever. 

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Chapel Florals: Chapel in the Hollow
Bouquet: Bride
Dress: SHEIN
Menswear: Panhandle Western Wear from Bear Creek Western Store
Rings: Kay Jewelers
Cake: Sedolhouse
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Hair and Makeup: Southern Sirens
Jewelry: Jjs party house online
Photography: Star Noir Studio

Don’t worry about less than perfect weather. A rainy mountain elopement can create just as beautiful photos as blue skies. If you want to start planning your wedding today, check out our calendar to see if we have your date available.

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