Outdoorsy Same Sex Wedding – Samantha and Brooke

Samantha and Brooke – October 25, 2020

Outdoorsy Same Sex Wedding

I’m excited to share Samantha and Brooke’s outdoorsy same sex wedding from October 25th! Their best friend, Karli, was a whirlwind setting up everything and making everything go smoothly. These two were super cute together–wait until you see Samantha’s face when she sees Brooke for the first time!! They did a Scottish Quaiche ceremony as part of their wedding which was fun and unique. After their time here at Chapel in the Hollow, we followed them to their reception location at Little Arrow Outdoor Resort where we were able to get some gorgeous photos by the river and some shots of their cake, dancing, etc. Congratulations, Brooke and Samantha!
From the Bride (Samantha):
All about how……Sam and I first met. She started working in the same restaurant as me in 2013. She was shy at first but of course I never let her be around me and not talk to me (imagine that). After a couple of months of only seeing each other whenever we were at work I finally decided to ask her out! Our shift ended and we started walking back to our cars, before I knew it I was halfway across the parking lot while it was pouring down rain. I made it to her car and knocked on the window, she cautiously rolled it down as I stumbled over my words with the gist of “Hey would you maybe wanna go on a date with me?” Well we all know the ending, considering you’re reading this. A couple weeks of working and talking later, I suggested we go kayaking. As most of our friends know, the kayaking never happened but a relationship full of love and happiness did.

On February 28, 2019 we closed on our first house together so of course to celebrate this big day, I decided to make it even bigger. While I roped our friend Karli into distracting Samantha, I rushed to the back room and painted in huge letters ‘Marry Me?’. When Sam started giving Karli the house tour, I sat in the back room basically bursting with exciting until she finally turned the corner into the room. I immediately started crying and so did she. It was perfect and I honestly wouldn’t have wanted it any different.We chose Tennessee because we love the mountains. I think we realized how much we loved hiking after we climbed Mt. Rainier in Washington state. We are most looking forward to just finally being able to call each other “Wife” like how crazy is that?! We chose the date because we are a little obsessed with Halloween and all things spooky. We wanted to get as close as possible without being weird. 😉

We like video games, scary movies, and most importantly sleep. I also would like to include that we are so very fortunate to have friends and family that love and support us. We have been blessed beyond measure and sometimes that does not get said enough.
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Florals: Adam Holmes
Wedding Dress: Brooke – Robert Bullock Bride Samantha – Randy Fenoli from Lace Bridal Experience
Rings: Staghead Designs
Caterer: Dead End BBQ
Cake: Krystal Wallace
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Favors: Blue Feather
Hair and Makeup: Kara Lott Beauty
Decor: Karli Blakely
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
Alternate Venue: Little Arrow Outdoor Resort
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