Megan and Nick’s Maternity Photos near Gatlinburg at Chapel in the Hollow

Megan and Nick’s Maternity Photos – May 22, 2019

I’ve been photographing Megan and Nick since their engagement several years ago. Each time has been such a pleasure –they have such beautiful chemistry together. When Megan contacted me about pregnancy photos, I got so excited especially when Amanda from Southern Sirens started floating some ideas around. It’s such an amazing thing to have clients turn into friends and to see such beautiful experiences happen to them.

From Megan:
Nick and I had been trying to have a baby for over a year. I got diagnosed with endometriosis and had to have surgery. All of my cycles were timed and precise, and I was on Clomid (the fertility drug!). So how we found out, was that it was Tuesday, December 4th and that was the day I had to take a pregnancy test according to my doctor! I had zero symptoms so I was (negatively) expecting the same result as the last 16 tests I had already taken. Only this one was POSITIVE! I was in shock! So I went and woke Nick up (at 5:30am) and he sleepily woke up and he was so excited! We FaceTimed my parents and slowly told immediate family and close friends over the next couple of weeks!

We did a gender reveal! Our gender reveal theme was “some bunny is on the way” it was the weekend before Easter! Nick and I went and found out the gender just the two of us the week before and it was the hardest secret to keep!! But doing it together was so special, and I’ll never forget the look on Nicks face when he figured out it was a boy, he was SO excited!! I had said all along that it was a boy so I was a little less surprised than him. I had a very easy first trimester, no morning sickness, no fatigue, nothing so I figured with how easy it was I had to have a boy in there! Lol! We did confetti cannons at the gender reveal and all of our family and friends came and they released the cannons around Nick and I. That was so awesome because we got to watch everyone else’s reaction to the news! We loved it!

Nick was going through a list of “influential men in history” because we could decide on a boy name to save our lives! And he came across Theodore Roosevelt and he asked what I thought of Theodore. I liked it so I looked up the meaning of the name, and it means “Gift from God”. With how our journey to get pregnant had gone, I thought this name was perfect! We had a miracle baby and he really is a gift from God. We decided we would call him Theo for short!

We are so excited and blessed to be parents and we can’t wait to start this next chapter in our life. For anyone out there who is struggling to get pregnant, you’re not alone, you’re seen, your feelings are understood and validated. There is a mountain of woman supporting you, praying for you, and hoping for you! You don’t have to walk this journey alone, reach out to friends, family, even Facebook groups, whatever you need to do but don’t do it alone! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel!


Flower Crown, Hair, and Makeup by Southern Sirens
Dresses from Amazon
Photography by Star Noir Studio
Venue Chapel in the Hollow 865-696-5348