Local Guide – The Walnut Kitchen

For the next installment in our local guide, I want to highlight another delicious restaurant…. The Walnut Kitchen in Maryville, Tennessee. Ian and I recently stopped in for the first time, and we were both REALLY impressed. The decor has a rustic-urban feel, and the food is an elegant version of some favorite country fare. You can see how excited Ian got when they brought out the mini pan of cornbread. We tried the fried okra at the server’s suggestion, and it was amazing–hands down the best fried okra I’ve ever had.

From Walnut Kitchen:
We are a neighborhood restaurant located in the heart of Maryville, Tennessee. Our menus are a reflection of the seasons and of the farms that provide us with ingredients. Hospitality is shown with courtesy and creates experiences that are sure to become lasting memories.

**The first two photos are ours, but the rest were borrowed from The Walnut Kitchen website.

This local guide is based purely on our opinions. These are the businesses in the area that we love and frequent. We receive no reimbursement from them–we just want to help you find some of the local hidden gems.

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