Justin and Heidi’s Vow Renewal in the Smoky Mountains

Please know whether it’s the days you burn more brilliant than the sun or the nights you collapse into my lap your body broken into a thousand questions, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I will love you when you are a still day. I will love you when you are a hurricane. —Mouthful of Forevers, Clementine von Radics

Vow renewals are inspiring events. They mean that the marriage two people embarked on 1 or 5 or 30 years ago is still going strong enough that they want to re-commit themselves to one another. How amazing is that?! Justin and Heidi contacted us about hosting their vow renewal, and, when we saw their last name, we got all of the warm and fuzzies. It isn’t often that we run across other Parrotts. The day of the renewal, we had a plethora of Parrotts on property, and we enjoyed getting to know them.

Chapel Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Photography: Star Noir Photography
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

chapelinthehollow@gmail.com 865-696-5348