July Elopement – Marissa and Kodi

July Elopement

Marissa and Kodi – July 2, 2024

Marissa and Kodi celebrated their love with a heartfelt July elopement at Chapel in the Hollow, creating an intimate and memorable setting for their special day. They chose a vibrant combination of peach and teal fabrics to dress the chapel, beautifully enhanced by our wildflower florals and the romantic glow from our candles and lanterns. 
Adding a touch of poignancy, Marissa thoughtfully set up a memory table to honor loved ones they have lost, ensuring their spirits were part of their joyful day. She looked absolutely stunning in a spaghetti strap dress adorned with delicate beading, a plunging back, and a long lace-edged train. Her bonus mom played a special role, helping her get dressed and sharing in those precious moments before the ceremony. 
Kodi looked dapper in jeans paired with a tan jacket, striking a perfect balance between casual and formal. The day was filled with emotional first looks: Marissa shared a special moment with her dad and then Kodi, each filled with anticipation and love. Her dad then walked her down the aisle, adding to the day’s cherished memories. 
Following the ceremony, we captured a few family photos, celebrating with those closest to them. The focus then shifted to the newlyweds, allowing us to capture the joy and love they share in more intimate photos. 
Congratulations, Marissa and Kodi! Your elopement was not only a celebration of your union but also a beautiful reflection of your lives coming together. Wishing you both endless happiness and love in your new journey together. 
From the Bride: 

Kodi and I first met at my work place in 2022, where I was just “Kaisen’s teacher”. Our daily conversation for months was a short and quick Goodmorning/afternoon and have a good day” — or jazzing it up with a “hey he needs diapers.”

One day while doing our “hey” “bye,” a coworker who grew up with Kodi made a comment about him being a good guy after he left. Little did we know, Kodi was in the hallway listening. Later that same day, I asked my coworker to send Kodi my snapchat and then it began.

As two single parents, we weren’t sure in the beginning just where our conversations would actually take us. We first met together outside of work on a random weekday where we became inseparable; spending everyday after that together. From shared stories to undying laughter, we quickly fell in love with each other, and each other’s kids.

After a year of laughs, cries, memories, and lots of love, Kodi got on one knee on November 9th, 2023. This was without a doubt the easiest yes of my life and the BIGGEST surprise of all. What I thought was a normal photo session for us, turned into a day I will cherish forever.

I thank God everyday for bringing Kodi into my life. i know He has the greatest plans for us and our family. We are so excited to begin our forever and always together!!

Our first day was definitely one to remember. We went to his favorite restaurant at Texas Long Horns and had a nice dinner and a jam session on the way back. Halfway home, we got pulled over for speeding and what went from 3 tickets turned into a warning.

Kodi proposed on our one year of dating anniversary. He had a friend who wanted to “test out a new camera on us” and he knows i am a sucker for some photos. Little did i know, he had a huge “Marry Me” set up at the end of our photo session. We celebrated after by going to a local seafood restaurant and then of course Walmart.

I’m most looking forward to officially becoming Kodi’s wife. 

We love the arcade so ideally we eat out, go to the local arcade store, and enjoy jam sessions in the car.

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Florals: Chapel in the Hollow 
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Menswear: Amazon.com and HEYDUDE
Invitations: Zazzle
Videography: Yugen Productions
Officiant: Ian Parrott 
Hair and Makeup: Madison Marsee
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