Intimate Forest Wedding – Erin and Kevin

Intimate Forest Wedding

Erin and Kevin – September 2, 2023

Amidst the enchanting embrace of East Tennessee trees, Erin and Kevin celebrated their intimate forest wedding at Chapel in the Hollow. The chapel was adorned in delicate lavender and sand fabric, an ode to the natural beauty of the surroundings, complemented by succulent florals that added a touch of earthy elegance.
Erin was a vision of grace in her low-cut sleeveless dress, while Kevin radiated timeless charm in his classic suit. Alongside him, his two groomsmen donned green ties, a heartfelt tribute to their shared service in the army, proudly worn alongside lapel pins.
The bridesmaids brought a soothing shade of minty green to the celebration, creating a harmonious contrast that mirrored the tranquility of the forest. Erin and Kevin’s attention to detail shone through in the adorable programs for their guests and the embroidered handkerchiefs, thoughtful touches that added a layer of sentiment to the day.
For their ceremony, they brought in a wonderful local officiant who presided over their vows. The words they shared were not only beautiful but also filled with humor, reflecting the depth of their connection and the joy they found in each other.
Kevin’s ring held a unique story as it was crafted from a piece of gun stock, a powerful symbol of their commitment and the strength of their love. It was a reminder that even amidst the tranquility of nature, love has a strength that can withstand any challenge.
In their intimate forest wedding, Erin and Kevin celebrated the beauty of love, the richness of history, and the joy of shared moments. Their day was a testament to the power of personalized details and the unique journey that brought them to this point in time.
How they Met:
Her Side: Kevin and I met on Bumble during the height of COVID. I liked him very quickly. We went on dates and hung out a lot for a few months but decided not to date. In the months that followed, we became best friends and Kevin moved to Buffalo, NY for a new job.

In the 3 years Kevin and I have known each other we had truly become best friends and knew everything about each other. We also tried lots of food, saw broadway shows, stand-up comedy, tried to date other people and put lots of miles on cars and racked up lots Southwest rewards going to see each other.
We really got close after playing a game of We’re Not Really Strangers (we played for hours and really got to know each other) before he moved and we played again when we realized we wanted to be together (we played over several days and talked about all the important stuff). So in many ways, we might not be together without that game!
But here we are 3 years later, in many ways seeing life play out how I hoped. With us loving each other and choosing each other forever and it’s been the wild ride you’d expect from both of us.

His Side: I lived in Kentucky for exactly 371 days and in that time I bought a new truck (I miss that Tundra), worked very little (thanks Covid), dated as best I could given Covid and not so awesome dating apps (thanks Bumble, no thanks to Tinder, Upward, Christian Mingle, and Hinge) and still managed to meet, date, break up with, and then become best friends with the person who is now statistically most likely to kill me. For the future Police Detective out there, her maiden name is Erin McConnell (2 C’s, 2 N’s, 2L’s) and I more than likely deserved it. Erin credits ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’ with a lot of our story going from best friends to where we are now and she’s right to do so; it is how and when we first said or wrote “I Love You” to each other but there’s always more to the story. For me looking back, the game is just another marker on a divinely crafted journey that led me to exactly the right person, at the exact right spot, at the exact right time, and in the exact right way.

I say that our story is divinely crafted and I believe it is, but not in the burning bush or Hallmark Christmas movie way. It was crafted in a way where I was perfectly happy being best friends and going to apple orchards, weird craft shows, farmers markets, broadway shows, and Costcos from Kentucky through Ontario until I was shown it wasn’t enough any more.
The leap from best friends to “I choose you and I’m going to choose you every day for the rest of our lives” would have been a big one if I had done it on my own. (Side Note: Yes, I did say that and yes she thought it was as disgustingly sweet as it sounds.) The exact right way for me had to be a divinely inspired evening alone in my apartment 395 miles away from Erin when I was shown how incredible life with her could and would be with her as more than my best friend. That night it was like a fog had been lifted, blinders removed, clouds cleared and all the other cliches that were very real in my case. Trust me, I wish I could have been woken up an easier way but life doesn’t happen that way. It was the exact right way for me, at the exact right time to show me exactly the right person. The person, God willing, I get to choose every day for the rest of our very long life together.

From the Bride: For our first date, we went for Mexican and Kevin was to me pretty quiet. I wasn’t sure he was totally into it, and he thought it went well. I remember having a good time and thinking he was reserved and funny. 

Kevin basically proposed moving from friendship to eloping when he decided he wanted to be together, so there wasn’t much of a formal proposal. We had been friends for 3 years and knew if we started this, we were getting married! We wanted somewhere charming and beautiful and when we found Chapel in the Hollow in the smokies we knew we found the right spot to get married! I am looking forward to getting to celebrate with the people we love and going home married! 

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Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
Chapel Florals: Chapel in the Hollow’s Moody Blooms
Bouquet: Bride
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Venue Associate: Elizabeth DeCoursey
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