Halloween Weddings – Kayla and Tyler

Kayla and Tyler – October 31, 2020

Halloween Weddings

Halloween weddings are so much fun!! Kayla and Tyler joined us today and brought all kinds of goodies! She has the most gorgeous black dress that hugged her figure and created a lovely silhouette. He was in a handsome grey suit with a perfectly chose Men’s Wearhouse. They went to a place to purchase the florals that taught them how to put them together!! Congratulations, Kayla and Tyler!! May all of your Halloweens be extra special!
From the Bride:We met through a mutual friend and became friends with each other quickly. We both had a crush on the other but we were too nervous to make a move. Our first date was a haunted house, though we didn’t know it was our first date at the time. We held hands so we wouldn’t lose each other and we haven’t let go since. Tyler proposed, we went on a cruise to celebrate our first year together. On the cruise we went on an excursion, a beach horseback ride in Jamaica. He proposed on the horse on the beach. My first words after he pulled out the ring was “ you better not drop that in the water!”

We love the mountains, and we wanted something that was just us. We’re very private people and we love the idea of it just being us in the woods in love. We are most looking forward to marrying each other. We knew we were going to get married after 1 month of dating. Our thing from that first month on has been “when are you going to marry me?” We say this whenever the other makes us smile. We LOVE halloween, we are the kind to keep decorations up 365. We have a collection of skulls that keeps growing, especially during this time of year.

We love our dogs! They’re our whole world! We would have brought them but there’s not many places to stay that accepts dogs and we started planning the elopement late. Also, We have not told ANY of our family about this, we had planned a wedding in the town were from but due to the circumstances we had to cancel. But we both knew we didn’t want to wait to get married and realized a big affair isn’t really us anyways. So please don’t post till we do!
Halloween WeddingsHalloween WeddingsHalloween WeddingsHalloween WeddingsHalloween WeddingsHalloween WeddingsHalloween WeddingsHalloween WeddingsHalloween Weddings
Florals: Couple and The Flowerman Columbus
Dress: Henri’s Bridal
Menswear: Men’s Wearhouse
Shoes: Kelly and Katie
Rings; Meyers Jewelers
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Hair and Makeup: Bride
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
Halloween weddings are a fun break from the traditional! If you’re interested in planning your Halloween wedding, check out our pricing and availability to see if we’re a good fit.

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