Evening December Wedding – Dannie and Danny

Dannie and Danny – December 29, 2022

Evening December Wedding

Dannie and Danny brought their families to us for an evening December wedding. They dressed the chapel in white and hunter green with our red berry winter florals. She had on a gorgeous multi-layered dress with tons of texture, and he was styling in a grey suit. She did a first look with her sons, and they told her how beautiful she looked. These two were laid back, fun, and super cute! Congratulations, Dannie and Danny!!
From the Bride:
We have been acquainted for many years, our youngest boys have been friends since kindergarten. But we never got to know one another. He’s quiet and was married, and I was going through a divorce. Fast forward several years and a LOT of life & healing we both decided to dip our toes in the dating water. It was definitely a God moment. He had made a dating profile right before, I literally just made one and hit submit. And there he was within 20 minutes. We started chatting on there and just hit it off. Because we already knew one another, we had our first date in a week & have been totally inseparable since. On our first date, we were both so nervous. We knew we liked each other, but chemistry was extremely important. We went to a small restaurant the next town over. We talked about everything, silly things, hard conversations. The date lasted for hours on end. We both knew that day we had found our person.
Danny proposed. We had really already decided we were getting married, but apparently he had to have my ring custom made due to my allergies and it took a long time. The day he went to get it he was so excited he couldn’t wait. We were wrangling our boys for an evening at a football game and he pulled me in our room and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes. We decided to have an East Tennessee wedding because I love the outdoors and nature, also, neither of us wanted a big fussy wedding. Our goal was to have an intimate, sweet wedding where we could remember marrying one another. I saw Chapel in the Hollow and all that it offered and loved it! We’re looking forward to having a sweet, loved filled day centered on us entering into our marriage. We want to remember each step and have gorgeous photos.
When searching for a place, we were looking first at the parkway. When I said we’d have to wait until spring, Danny said, I don’t want to wait that long! So, with that in mind, I chose around Christmas because I absolutely love Christmas magic and the beauty of the season. 
With 4 kids, we don’t get many date nights. Lol. We usually try to slip away for a low key dinner. We’re both pretty laid back and like to be comfortable. We love the outdoors, camping, paddle boarding, hanging out by a fire pit, getting away from home and checking out new places. He’s always tinkering outside, building something, doing awesome things on our mountain, and I’m a flower girl. Growing plants and herbs and making our space pretty.
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Coordination: Taylor with Custom Love Gifts, Events & Prints
Chapel Florals: Chapel in the Hollow
Bouquet and Boutonniere: Cupid’s Petals Florist
Dress: Galina Signature from David’s Bridal
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Shoes: Kate Spade Keds
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Hair: Sister of the Bride
Jewelry: Etsy
Venue Associate: Elizabeth DeCoursey
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

info@chapelinthehollow.com 865-696-5348