Dog Friendly Wedding Chapels – Meredith and Clint

Meredith and Clint February 22, 2020

Dog Friendly Wedding Chapels

I don’t know if dog friendly wedding chapels are difficult to find, but we love the doggos!! Wedding number 1 last Saturday was our second of the weekend. It was cold enough that morning to freeze the windex as I tried to clean the mirror in the chapel… brrrrrr. But it had gotten a little better before the end of Meredith and Clint’s sweet elopement. They brought her son and pup to join them on this special occasion. I don’t think we see enough short dresses out here at the chapel so I really enjoyed this one!! The pretty sun (that has been in hiding for weeks it seems) peeked out and brought some pretty sun flares into the pictures. Congratulations Meredith and Clint!! May you always have a sweet pup to warm your hearth.

From the Bride:

We were brought together by something that we are both passionate about… country music! We met on of all things a karaoke app. Neither of us were looking to date anyone but somehow Meredith found a song that Clint had sung and joined him on it. After exchanging “thanks” and “good jobs” it came to be known that out of anywhere the other could be in the world we were less than an hour apart. We struck up a friendship over country music, Tennessee Vols football, and a good cold beer lol. Don’t remember who’s idea it was to meet for the first time but by golly are we glad we did!

Our first date was Clint coming over to Meredith’s house enjoying a cold beer and just getting to know one another! Our first outing was a canoe trip down the Harpeth River.

Clint proposed in the most intimate way. On the Saturday before Mother’s Day 2019 he had been at his dads house (little did Meredith know they had gone ring shopping). That night funny enough they were going out to sing at a karaoke bar with some coworkers. While Meredith was getting ready Clint turned on some music in the living room… Meredith was loving his song choices! Some Luke Combs, Cody Johnson, and Riley Green who are some of Meredith’s favorites! When she was finishing up she comes out to the living room Clint had put on the song that they first slow danced to in the kitchen of the house she lived in when they first met in 2017. Now, 2 years later, they were in the house they bought together and he was on one knee with “Wonderful Tonight” by Kevin Moon playing on the speaker. He was nervous and visibly emotional, she was surprised and over the moon! Of course she said yes… she knew that he was the one a long time ago!

We chose Tennessee because we both love love it there. We’re both natives to middle Tennessee but have a deep love of Big Orange football. We wanted something as low key and intimate as the rest of our relationship has been. When we found the Chapel in the Hollow it was a done deal!

We are football lovers, we enjoy being on the river, we love spending time with our families, and now that we are homeowners we enjoy cooking out and just enjoying what we’ve worked hard for! A date night for us is a country concert downtown Nashville. As lovers of good country music we love going out for live shows!

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Dress: AbaoWedding on
Shoes: Target
Rings: His-McKenzie and Smiley Hers- ShaneCo.
Hair and Makeup: Bride
Florals: Homemade
Officiant: Krissy Parker
Photography and Videography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

Dog friendly wedding chapels may be difficult to find, but we are here for you if you want to celebrate your big day with your favorite doggo. If you’re ready to start planning your wedding, check our calendar for availability. You can also find information on our website like pricing, photo ops, and fun places to check out in town. Contact us if you have any questions! 865-696-5348