Country Wedding – Julie and Michael

Julie and Michael – October 1, 2020

Country Wedding

Julie and Michael were our fourth and final couple of the day on October 1st for their sweet country wedding. I photographed her brother’s wedding years ago, and I was lucky enough for her to contact me to experience hers as well.  Their love story started with a truck, so they decided to pull a little Smoky and the Bandit fun for one of their photos. Congratulations, Julie and Michael!!
From the Bride:
I met Michael a year ago from what I thought was by chance. He’s a mechanic and I was dropping off a girl to get her car. I instantly knew he was special. He had the sweetest spirit. I ask the girl the next day about him to find out he’s “situation ” nothing ever came of it. Fast forward to February of this yr. I took my boys van (I have twin boys who are 16 and both have cerebral palsy) to him for repairs. I had to stop several times to drop off various items. I’d try to talk to him but he always just smiled and blushed. Fast forward a month late March we are in full covid shutdown at the hospital. To make a paycheck I’d had to sign up to work the ER screening patients for covid (since the OR was only doing emergent operations) the last day before” the rest is history ” I had went to my exs house to sit outside and read books to the boys from a safe distance (they had been with him for 3 weeks because of my exposure and them being medically fragile) before heading to the hospital to work 12hrs screening. I stopped by Michael’s work to do a final payment. I remember standing at the corner of his desk while he wrote me a receipt. I felt defeated. I knew that would be the last time I would see him, I was tried and emotionally exhausted from work. I pulled my glasses off, he later told me he’d never seen my eyes and at that moment he knew life would never be the same. I took the receipt and turned to walk away. Michael said “I sat there and my mind was screaming SAY SOMETHING, SAY ANYTHING, JUST MAKE SOME WORDS COME OUT “????  I got almost to the bay doors and I heard the sweetest voice ever say….so….you work at a hospital? He couldn’t see but I was grinning from ear to ear. I turned around and said yes ….and the rest is history ❤
Dating during a pandemic isn’t typical. We dated at my house and he brought me flowers and a rabbit. It was Easter Sunday.
He proposed. He’s not very sneaky so I knew there was a ring. He put it in a take out bag and gave it to me. When i opened it and just stood there he asked if my order wasn’t right. Lol We decided on the mountains because it’s our home, and the mountains are my happiest place. I wanted to be married in the woods just us. I’m most looking forward to watching Michael’s face right before we say our vows. 
We both love old trucks. He is going to teach me to restore a square body of my very own.
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Photography: Star Noir Studio
Dress: PinkBlush
Truck: ’82 Square Body
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
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