Cloudy Midday Micro Wedding – Amy and Philip

Amy and Philip – November 12, 2022

Cloudy Midday Micro Wedding

Amy and Philip brought their friends and families to us for a cloudy midday micro wedding. They dressed the chapel in white fabric and white florals. Her dress was soft and lovely, and he was all decked out in navy plaid. They had an amazing cellist playing for the ceremony, and she had custom invitations made with a digital watercolor design of the chapel that were super cute. The wind was blowing for our field photos, and it made them look extra fierce. Congratulations, Amy and Philip!
The Bride and Groom’s Story:

Our story begins way back in 2001. Amy walked into a local cheerleading gym, Louisiana Tumble and Cheer Academy aka LTCA. She had just recently graduated from high school and was there to tryout for their open division all-star team, which is college level co-ed. She had noticed one of the team’s current members, Philip, practicing. When he saw Amy walking towards the practice floor his mouth hit the floor in amazement of Amy’s beauty! Amy was thinking “whoa, that guy is pretty good! I bet he wont even notice me.” Oh how wrong she was!! Philip couldn’t take his eyes off her and immediately asked her to stunt. A few weeks later they both ended up being on the team together and were teammates for 4 years. During this 4 year period, they never really got the chance to know each other very well, but both admit there was always an affinity they felt towards the other. After those short and fast 4 years, they both separately drifted off the team for other life’s adventures.

We jump to almost 20 years later in fall of 2019. At this point, Philip and Amy were friends, but more like acquaintances primarily through the splendors of social media – Facebook and Instagram. One day Philip saw a post on Facebook that Amy had made. It didn’t seem like the normal things he would see her post, or the happy Amy he knew and remembered. So, Philip decided to reach out to her to see if she needed a friend or just someone to listen. What happened next was beyond both of their expectations! Friendly conversations seemed to turn into something more….

It all started out as a “friend” date. Both Amy and Philip agreed to meet out one night for dinner as friends. Sticking to it being only a “friend” date, they both drove separate cars per Amy’s request. During that dinner a mutual friend of theirs, Amanda, reached out to Amy and asked if her and Philip would like to meet up for drinks afterwards. What is neat and special about their friend Amanda is that she too was part of the open team on LTCA 20 years back. We really have to give a special nod to the coach and owner of LTCA and also our good friend, Todd Becnel, for culminating so many lasting friendships! So, they met Amanda and her date out for drinks. At this point, Amy and Philip were both thinking they would remain at just friends. Though they had both individually felt a little spark throughout the evening, it wasn’t until they were walking along St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, that Philip asked Amy to walk on the other side of him so she would not walk on the street side of the side walk. Amy really loved how caring, sweet and chivalrous that act was. She then reached back to hold his hand. It was at this very moment the “friend” date turned into a Real date! Philip felt a shock go through his body the moment he held Amy’s hand. Their friend Amanda who was just a few steps behind them even said “Hey what is this?” in regards to Amy and Philip holding hands. Amy replied, “why not? It feels right!” Philip was stunned and smiling from ear to ear.

Philip proposed, of course! He wouldn’t have it any other way!

He took Amy to The Roosevelt hotel in New Orleans. It is famous during the Christmas time for its beautiful lights display. Philip took Amy to the famous Sazerac Bar in the hotel for a drink. After just a couple drinks they walked the lobby to take pictures in front of different light displays. Its a very common thing to do in New Orleans during Christmas. At one point, Amy had to make a quick trip to the ladies room. While he was waiting, another couple had asked Philip if he would take pictures for them. As Philip was handing the gentleman his phone back he whispered “Can you do the same for me? But instead of a picture I want a video. I’m going to propose. ;-)” The gentleman happily agreed!! Very soon after Amy’s return, Philip got down on one knee. The entire proposal was videoed according to plan!

They decided on an East Tennessee wedding because Amy has always loved the Smoky Mountains. Her father and brothers live in Northern Virginia and they would take occasional quick trips there. Amy brought Philip to meet her father and brothers in November of 2020 for Thanksgiving. They took a ride through Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Philip had been to the Smoky Mountains before as a young boy, but never really got the chance to appreciate the beauty of the Appalachians. Philip and Amy had a wonderful and memorable trip and came back with some great photos of their time in those beautiful mountains. Most don’t know this, but the mountain photo on their wedding invitation was one from their trip together in 2020.

When discussing wedding plans, they considered the idea of the big, typical “New Orleans” wedding, but opted against that. They wanted something more special and more intimate. They started to throw around some destination wedding ideas, including a beach wedding along the Gulf coast or even a grand trip to Italy! However, their mind and hearts went back to the mountains. They started researching this idea and quickly fell in love with Chapel in the Hollow.

What are they looking forward to? Philip says the First Look! Amy says hearing Philip’s vows! They originally wanted 11-11-22. The date itself seems pretty remarkable due to the numeral order. Also, Amy’s late maternal grandfather was a WW2 veteran. She was very close to her grandfather and thought it might be a neat way to pay homage to him, being married on Veterans Day. However, they could not find a venue with availability. They stumbled upon the Chapel in the Hollow and instantly loved it! They didn’t have the 11th, but did have the 12th so just rolled with it! It turns out that the date also has a pretty neat numeral order when written out 11-12-22 (111-222). It’s also turned out to be a special date that’s been noticed in lots of small ways 🙂

We just love to spend time together and don’t have a typical date night. We’ve played mini golf – Philip lost. We’ve thrown axes – Philip lost. We played corn hole – Philip lost. Who would think that little Amy could outplay Philip in all those games! Despite all those losses, he keeps coming back for more! Lol.

We do enjoy going out to eat and trying new restaurants together. There is no lacking of good food in New Orleans, so what’s not to love about a good date night like that?! Philip continues to be such a doting gentleman when dining out together. Often Amy is unable to make up her mind about two dishes, so he will get her to pick one and he always orders the other. Every time he does that, it just makes her heart swell even more than before.

Our story – our journey, seems to have taken us a long time to get here. We sometimes wonder and wish we had known our love for each other 20 years ago, but realize things truly happen for a reason and when they are meant to. It is all God’s timing and His plan for us. We may have lost 20 years, but we are looking forward to at least 50 more wonderful years to go!

Team A & P forever <3

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Coordination: Auburn with Custom Love Gifts, Events & Prints
Chapel Florals: Chapel in the Hollow
Bouquets: Ling’s Moment
Dress: Melissa Sweet from @David’s Bridal
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Bridesmaid Dresses: AZAZIE
Menswear: Paul Andrew from of London through Etsy
Invitations: @Camellia Memories
Videography: Yugen Productions
Officiant: Thomas Beale
Hair and Makeup: Summerlynn Beauty
Jewelry: David’s Bridal
Cellist: Alicia Randisi-Hooker from Trillium Trio
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