Bookish Outdoor Wedding – Brigid and Antonio

Bookish Outdoor Wedding

Brigid and Antonio – March 23, 2024


In a celebration that perfectly combined their love for literature and each other, Brigid and Antonio chose Chapel in the Hollow for their enchanting bookish outdoor micro wedding. The chapel was beautifully adorned with cream and lavender fabric, complemented by our delicate lavender florals and matching wreaths for the pews, creating a serene and romantic atmosphere. 
As librarians with a shared passion for books, their wedding was filled with unique literary touches, starting with the charming book-shaped invitations. Brigid crafted a stunning charcuterie table, laden with an assortment of delectable treats, adding a gourmet touch to their celebration. 
One of the most heartfelt features was the quilt sign-in, where guests signed pieces of fabric destined to be crafted into a special quilt, symbolizing the warmth and love of their friends and family. They also had a whimsical cake designed as three stacked books, topped with a husband and wife cat topper, perfectly encapsulating their personalities and love story. 
Brigid looked breathtaking in a sleeveless dress with a beaded top and a multilayered long train, complemented by her lavender shoes, while Antonio was the epitome of elegance in his black suit. 
The aisle walk was a beautiful family moment, with her mother walking her down the first part of the aisle, then passing her to her father to finish the journey, a poignant symbol of her transition into this new chapter of her life.
After exchanging vows, they celebrated with a “kitty toss,” a playful twist on the traditional bouquet toss, with a stuffed cat symbolizing the next person to either adopt a cat or donate to a cat rescue.  One of the aunties caught the kitty.
Their cake pull tradition brought fun and fortune-telling to the single friends of the bride, each charm pulled from the cake revealing a future promise, tied to lovely pearl bracelets. 
Nicole, their friend, played a crucial role in ensuring Brigid’s dress was picture-perfect for every photo and video, capturing the magic of their day.
Brigid and Antonio’s wedding was a testament to their creativity, love, and the joy of starting a life together surrounded by the things they love most. As they embark on their journey together, we wish them endless happiness and adventures between the pages and beyond.
Congratulations, Brigid and Antonio! May your life together be as rich and fulfilling as the stories you cherish. 
From the Couple: 
Brigid and Antonio met when Brigid returned to work at Jefferson Parish Library in October of 2019. She was surprised to find that the library now employed younger, more attractive people (like that one who was always watching soccer and drinking an enormous iced coffee). Antonio remembers Brigid’s wild stories about the last time she’d managed a library in Jefferson Parish. In fact, he brought that up every time she came back to work in his department. It was nice to be remembered.
In early January of 2021, Brigid and Antonio were swiping left when she swiped right on a familiar face. It was a match! She informed Antonio that they’d met, several times. They decided to set their first date at Barnes and Noble, where they walked around the store talking (behind their masks) about every topic in the bookstore. Antonio says he was very nervous and blushed, “constantly,” but masks were great for hiding that. The rest has been filled with less iced coffee, more cats, and about the same amount of soccer.
We were engaged in December of 2023, at the Pounce Cat Café in Savannah, GA. Antonio proposed by hiding the ring in a book called, “The Cat Lover’s Companion.” They chose East Tennessee for their wedding because it’s beautiful, and Brigid has been visiting since childhood and has always loved the area.
I’m most looking forward to officially becoming Antonio’s wife.
Antonio is most looking forward to, “Sharing this day with my wonderful bride, especially when she walks down the aisle.”
We spend a lot of time playing with and snuggling our cats. We enjoy going out to eat and trying new things. We love to travel together, and hope to do a lot more of it. We go to the movies together frequently, and Antonio shares his popcorn with me – which is a big deal to him!
Event Management: Taylor with Custom Love Gifts & Events
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Bridesmaid Dresses: eShakti
Invitations: Mushi Printables from Etsy
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Videography: Yugen Productions
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