Appalachian Elopement – Cassie and Logan

Appalachian Elopement

Cassie and Logan – May 28, 2024

Cassie and Logan’s Appalachian elopement at Chapel in the Hollow was a day to remember filled with love, surprises, and the joy of family. The chapel was beautifully dressed in dusty sage and sand fabric, perfectly accented with our blush and bashful florals, creating a picturesque setting for their intimate ceremony.
Cassie was stunning in her sleeveless dress featuring an illusion top and a textured train that gracefully trailed behind her. Logan looked sharp in a light grey suit, complementing the soft tones of the chapel’s decor.
The day was made even more special with a wonderful surprise in the morning for Cassie, adding an extra touch of excitement and happiness to their celebration. Their two children were also a central part of the ceremony; their little girl, Emma, melted hearts as she walked ahead with a sign saying, “Daddy, it’s time to give Mommy our last name,” bringing smiles to all present.
With beautiful spring weather enveloping the day in warmth and light, Cassie and Logan’s elopement was not just a union of their hearts but a celebration of their family coming together in a truly memorable way.
Congratulations, Cassie and Logan! May your new journey be as joyous and love-filled as your beautiful wedding day.
From the Bride: 
We met in the 3rd grade at the same elementary school. We continued to go to the same schools all the way through to graduation. We we shared the same friends and were always around each other growing up. We never dated or even knew that we liked each other more than friends until several years later. After our first date we realized that we had always liked each other but never acted upon those feelings.
He asked me out multiple times before I finally said yes. I was nervous to date a friend I have known for so long. We kept it casual and went to Sam’s Bar and Grill in Hendersonville. I ordered hot wings and he had a cheeseburger and we drank a couple beers while watching baseball and spent the night talking. It felt so natural and didn’t have the pressure of a first date. We went on a few more dates and hung out several more times but we didn’t become an official couple until Dec 30th 2014.
Logan proposed on Dec 10th 2023. I did not know at the time, but he had bought the ring in October and was a nervous wreck about me finding it in the house. I was cleaning and decided to dust the entertainment center one afternoon in November. The kids wanted to help and my daughter came running up to me “mommy there’s a box and paper behind there.” as she pointed to the TV. I told her to not worry about it and leave it be but I knew exactly what it was! Logan was at work so I refrained from looking and waited for him to come home. Shortly after he got home I told him about what Emma had seen and he was so upset that his surprise was ruined. I ensured him that I did not look so he ended up moving it somewhere else. I kept waiting and waiting for the day he would propose and then one morning I was cooking breakfast and he went around and opened all the blinds to let the natural sunlight in (he knows that I really love the blinds open in the morning). We had music playing and kids running around as I made homemade pancakes. He pulled me aside into the living room in front of the big window we have and got down on one knee. It just felt like the perfect moment to us. So natural and no stress. Just two people who love each other and enjoying a Sunday morning with their kids.
We had talked about marriage for several years and we came across this location so many years ago and just knew it was the right place for us and our Appalachian elopement. We spent a lot of our early relationship outside at a fishing spot we had found and this location in the woods just felt like it was meant to be.
After almost 10 years of being together and doing things in a nontraditional way, we will finally be Husband and Wife. We knew we wanted to be married and spend the rest of our lives together. We created a family and made a life together, the commitment has always been there. Now we get to share this moment with our children.
Multiple factors went into the date including our son out of school for summer break, I work the weekends as a night shift NICU RN and only get Mon-Thursday off. But honestly the fact that it’s just a random Tuesday to everyone else is the definition of our relationship. We didn’t want some big weekend wedding with people we only see once in a blue moon. We wanted something truly meaningful and intimate just with us and the kids. We’re getting married on a Taco Tuesday and that’s all we need.
We love fishing and being outside together. Before we had kids we would go play bingo in KY, attend hockey games, go to the zoo, watch movies and tv shows together, and play video games together. With the kids we spend a lot of time at the Nashville Zoo and parks. We take them fishing now that they are getting older and it is so much fun honestly. Our daughter loves to just play with the worms and our son is learning how to cast, he hasn’t grasped the skill of patience and leaving it in the water yet.
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Event Management: Cici with Custom Love Gifts & Events
Florals: Chapel in the Hollow 
Dress: LVD Bridal 
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Menswear: Men’s Wearhouse
Shoes: Boot Barn
Rings: Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry and Thorum
Videography: Yugen Productions
Officiant: Ian Parrott
Makeup: Bride 
Hair: Bride and Wanderlust Salon Studio llc (Wanderlust Creations)
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow
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